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Reducing environmental impact through more efficient operations.

Working to conserve water and energy and improve operations for a healthier planet.

Conserving Resources, Preserving Planet

Improving operational efficiency is not only good for our business, it makes sense for the clients we serve. Together, we conserve natural resources and reduce our environmental footprint with the goal of turning the tide on global climate change.

A Uniform Approach to Conservation

Designing, cleaning and delivering uniforms is a large part of what we do. Industrial laundries use less power and water per garment than laundering at home so they are, by design, more efficient. But we go many steps further.

We have introduced water reuse and heat reclamation systems in many laundry facilities. We are committed to cleaning garments with environmentally friendly detergents and, at present, have eliminated phosphates from the laundering process. We regularly monitor environmental compliance at all processing plants to assure we meet regulations for air, wastewater, storm water management, spill prevention and solid waste disposal.

On the Road to Fleet Efficiency

Our businesses use vehicles to deliver food, refreshments, uniforms and supplies. With thousands of vehicles in our fleet, it’s essential for us to minimize our use of fossil fuels and emissions.

We optimize routes with technology and processes that reduce travel time and fuel consumption. We’re targeting an 8% reduction in fuel consumption, or about 12,000 metric tons of CO2, over the next few years. 

Our uniforms business was first in the industry to introduce hybrid electric vehicles and we continue to explore the use of high efficiency, alternative fuel vehicles when possible. We monitor vehicle performance through advanced maintenance diagnostics—including automatic idle shut-offs, controls to keep tires properly inflated and aerodynamic skirting on trailers to reduce fuel consumption.

Building a Future Through Energy Management

From cleaning and grounds management to building maintenance and engineering solutions, we manage client facilities covering nearly one billion square feet of space worldwide. We’ve even helped many universities develop climate action plans to help them focus on reducing their overall carbon footprints. Our deep knowledge and expertise enables us to develop tailored solutions that deliver on clients’ highest priorities, including energy management solutions that minimize energy consumption and improve operational efficiencies. 

Our global headquarters office space, located at 2400 Market Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has received LEED Silver certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), for its sustainable workspace design and construction. 

At Aramark, we understand helping the planet while creating cost savings is a win-win for everyone.

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