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From reopening with care and efficiency, to consistently setting higher safety standards, we can keep you safe today and inspire smarter solutions for tomorrow.


Now, more than ever, service providers need to keep guests safe, confident and happy. EverSafe™ helps us deliver comprehensive food, facilities, and uniforms services in a way that adapts to the needs of today and tomorrow.

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Support Total Wellbeing

An environment that supports the safety, happiness and overall health of employees, customers, and guests with visible safety precautions and assurances.

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Commit To Operational Impact

Repeatable and consistent processes to deliver relevant solutions, continuous improvement, and meaningful outcomes.

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Power Frictionless Experiences

A human-centric approach in understanding employees and guest needs, and delivering experiences that matter.

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Leverage Collaborative Expertise

A collaborative nature that embraces continual learning, progress, and seeks complementary partnerships

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Total Wellbeing

Promote A Culture Of Wellness To Cultivate A Thriving Community

We believe that safety and wellness go hand in hand. Whether it’s properly cleaning your spaces or addressing ever-changing service needs without harming the environment, we offer new ways to support the overall wellbeing of your staff and guests.


Protect your team, guests, and community by introducing employee safety programs, implementing the right prevention measures, and accessing the PPE you and your team need.

5 strategies for proper ventilation. ventilate, flush, filter, minimize, purify

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Keep your guests healthy and happy with craveworthy menu offerings and tools to communicate important health and wellness information.


Don’t sacrifice sustainability for safety. You can have both. We offer relevant options like reusable mask programs and responsible waste minimization strategies to keep you on track with both safety and sustainability goals.

Operational Impact

Employ Consistent, Safe Processes With Relevant, Meaningful Outcomes

Setting the right protocols makes a difference when it comes to safety. Advanced products and processes, EPA-approved cleaning programs, and the latest in robotics and AI keep your operations running safely and smoothly.


Ensure the efficacy of new safety protocols with restart playbooks, deep cleaning programs, our Innovative SpaceCareQL+ sanitation program and indoor air quality strategies.


Staying safe is simple with innovative technology.

  • Marko mobile app
  • UV-C disinfection
  • Temperature monitoring devices
  • Specialized barriers

understand the pros and cons of disinfecting systems

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Frictionless Experiences

Take A Human-Centric Approach To Deliver Experiences That Matter

Our top priorities have always been safety and customer satisfaction. Tracking the latest consumer preferences and offering smart digital solutions enables us to create convenient and enjoyable experiences.


Stay up to date on latest consumer insights and COVID-19 research by implementing feedback platforms like our Voice of the Consumer program and customer pulse surveys, and by accessing consolidated research from respected industry sources.


Touch-free technology drives safety, speed and personalization.

  • Mobile ordering solutions
  • Contactless shopping options
  • Safe checkout options
  • Automated food prep
  • Delivery robotics

80% of revenue growth will hinge on digital offerings and operations by 2022

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Convenient programs raise the bar on menu offerings and service.

  • Smart space configurations
  • Convenient meal options
  • New dining service offerings
  • Guest communication aids

Collaborative Expertise

Embrace Partners To Advance Learning And Progress

We leverage expertise from a variety of services, lines of business, and industries to create dynamic solutions. Every partner is committed to help you stay on track, by sharing reliable information and supporting meaningful change.

  • Thought leadership 
  • Jefferson Health clinical experience
  • Steritech safety data
  • CDC & WHO policy tracking

how to operate campus dining in the era of covid-19

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Collaborating For A Safer World

At Aramark, we're expanding our impact on public health by combining our industry-leading safety protocols with the clinical experience of Jefferson Health. Together, we can solve problems more holistically to deliver safe business operation plans that are backed by clinical expertise.

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As it is impossible to guarantee complete protection from COVID-19, each organization assumes all risks associated with COVID-19 as to its business, employees and guests arising out of or related to any use of the EverSafe™ platform. © 2020 Aramark. All rights reserved. JEFFERSON HEALTH is a registered trademark of Thomas Jefferson University.


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