Putting Healthy Choices in the Spotlight

Our special features and consumer promotions highlight healthy foods and encourage healthy eating.

Many of us are dining out more frequently than ever before. Unfortunately, healthy choices at many dining establishments don’t always get the attention they deserve. To make it easy for people to find healthy food, we highlight the wide variety of options we offer with colorful, high-impact signs and promotions. 

If you’re looking for a lunch that’s low-fat, organic or vegetarian, we’ll help you find it. We can help you identify vegetarian meals and also point you to lower-calorie items, so you know if your selection is 500 calories or 100 calories. 

Throughout the year, we also feature and promote seasonal items created by our chefs to showcase the benefits of eating in-season fruits and vegetables. 

By shining a spotlight on healthy choices, we make it easy for our customers to eat well when they eat out.


Every day, our many efforts support our employees, clients and the world around us.


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