Making Healthy Eating An Easy Choice

Our chefs and dietitians create food that’s fresh, delicious, satisfying—and good for you.

While most traditional restaurants see their customers once or twice a month, many of our customers dine with us five or six times a week, often several times a day. More and more, they look to us to provide them a broad selection of great-tasting healthy foods and beverages—especially when as many as 40 percent of adults are dealing with health conditions that may correlate with the foods they eat1

Instead of trying to provide one “right” choice, we provide a range of healthy, great-tasting choices so our customers can choose the best option for them. Our many chefs and dietitians work together, combining passion and know-how to create innovative recipes made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. You’ll also find vegetarian-friendly environments, lower-calorie foods and seasonal selections, making it easier than ever to live healthy.

Our Eat Well selections are a great example of how we offer our customers these healthy options. They include everything from comfort food to the latest contemporary and international cuisine and have at least one full serving of nutritionally dense whole foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains or lean proteins. Entrees average 500 calories or less, and soups and sides average 175 calories. They also contain less unhealthy fat and sodium.

1Center for Disease Control.


Every day, our many efforts support our employees, clients and the world around us.


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