Inspiring Change Through Engaging Experiences

Creating personal experiences that change the way people think about nutrition and their health.

Every day, our experts connect with people, bringing healthy to life, even making it exciting. Our chefs and dietitians take great pride in sharing their experience and education to help people find solutions that work for them. 

For example, children are notoriously picky eaters, but our experts make healthy food fun, leading school and community programs like our “Healthy Bites” nutrition education sessions. Our team encourages kids to eat a “rainbow” of colorful, nutritious fruits and vegetables that they’ve never tried before, or try a fun, healthy snack like raisin “ants” on a celery “log.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a busy mom who needs to stretch a tight budget might join one of our Wellness Every Day workshops that provide tips on buying affordable, seasonal produce or shopping for healthy items that can be bought in bulk. 

By engaging people on a personal level, we’re helping to make healthy much more than a recipe in a cookbook, encouraging our customers to take an important step towards healthier living.


Every day, our many efforts support our employees, clients and the world around us.


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