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Our Retail Merchandise Gives Your Visitors Something To Remember

We offer an array of gifts, souvenirs and local merchandise, so visitors can commemorate their trip.

Benefits & Capabilities

Our goal is simply to positively impact the retail merchandising at your destination or cultural attraction with:

  • Depth of experience—more than 80 unique retail locations across the country

  • Stronger visitor relationships

  • Increased sales

We can bring to your retail location several of our unique services:

  • Store design and planning

  • Made in the USA, locally sourced merchandise

  • Upcycled products and practices

  • Visual merchandising services

  • An innovative point-of-sale system

How can we help?

Together, we can create a more engaging retail environment.

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Retail experiences

Retail experiences

Gift shops to pro shops; we help ensure your guests cherish the special memories of their visit.

Our retail experiences engage and delight visitors at more than 80 destinations throughout the country—including cultural attractions, zoos, aquariums, botanical gardens, science centers, museums and national parks. The curators who operate our retail locations are passionate, innovative, uniquely skilled and bring with them the expertise and knowledge to handle any destination’s unique challenges.

Our Retail Venues

We operate:

  • Souvenir and gift shops
  • Lodging and hotel shops
  • Grocery stores
  • Gas stations
  • Convenience stores
  • Ski and snowmobile pro shops
  • Recreation stores

Each of our retail locations works in harmony with all our service team members to create a cohesive experience that properly reflects the culture and surroundings of each destination we serve. We collaborate with our clients and conduct quarterly performance reviews to make sure that we are exceeding their expectations.

How can we help?

Together, we can create a more engaging retail environment.

Visitor relationships

Visitor relationships

We know what visitors want and we use those insights to create a welcoming guest experience.

Above all else, our team’s passion is giving every guest a welcoming experience. Our world-class service is what sets us apart here at Aramark, and it’s how we get your visitors to return again and again. 

Guest Insights

Using a leading Customer Relationship Management system, we take real insights directly from visitors to create unique programs and tailor each retail location to enhance the guest experience and drive sales.

Our data—including sales and demographics—tracks membership, ticketing, food and beverage and retail stores and uses the information to make the retail experience better and better. We even help you stay connected to guests after they leave, using a leading ecommerce platform which allows them to order memorabilia from the convenience of their homes.

How can we help?

Together, we can create a more engaging retail environment.

Design and planning

Design and planning

Our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in retail planning, design and visual merchandising.

The look and feel of each of our retail locations plays a vital role in enhancing the customer experience. It’s important that each location reflects the culture of each unique venue. That’s why each of our stores is designed and planned specifically for each location and is strategically spaced throughout the property to cater to all of your guests and their needs.

Store Planning

Store planning plays a crucial role in our ability to excite and inspire each guest experience. Themed props, retail zones and visual focal points are placed throughout each of our retail locations to entice guests into the retail space. The educational aspect of our merchandising keeps them shopping for a longer period of time, creating indelible memories and inspiring purchases.

Visual Merchandising

Our visual merchandising team plans how all the products our buying team has sourced will be presented in the retail stores that we manage. Merchandise is displayed as collections that directly tie to specific experiences that the guest has enjoyed at the venue. This method of merchandising entices guests and refreshes the emotion of enjoying the experience.

Design and Construction

We partner with top retail designers including Gregory Rothweiler Group, Joanne Newbold, Gensler, and others to build engaging experiential stores. Our in-house design and merchandising team works closely with our retail design partners to create custom fixtures, themed props, educational signage and media that are used throughout each space. 

Our team is also available on a consulting basis for store design, visual merchandising and retail planning.

How can we help?

Together, we can create a more engaging retail environment.

Product selection

Product selection

With the widest array of popular and exclusive merchandise, our retail locations are second to none.

Between a rich resource of local vendors and the widest array of popular merchandise, our retail team has the resources to collect the products that your guests are asking for. Incorporating local artisans, made-in-the-USA products and exclusive designs, we collect merchandise that reflects the uniqueness of your destination and celebrates the memories your guests make while they are there. 

Locally Purchased

Working with our National Product Development team, every site’s buying team ensures that your merchandise assortment is unique and local. We procure the best artwork, jewelry, and crafts from homegrown artists, storytellers and writers. Doing so reinforces your guest’s connection to the cultural heritage of your site. 

Eco-Friendly and Made in the USA

Eco-friendly and Made in the USA are two of our fastest-growing retail product categories. We’ve always sought out products that are recycled, organic, compostable, and sustainable—supporting our environmentally friendly initiatives. And all our products that are made in the U.S.A. are identified through signage and hang tags, making them easy for guests to find.

Fair Trade

In our on-site cafés and restaurants, the Fair Trade Certified™ label guarantees consumers that strict ethical criteria were met in the production and trade of an agricultural product. We partner directly with the USDA’s National Organic Program, which regulates the standards for any farm, wild crop harvesting, or handling operation that wants to sell an agricultural product as organically produced. 

Additionally, we partner with the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Program, the Rainforest Alliance, the Food Alliance, and United Natural Foods, Inc., to ensure all of our foods are being responsibly grown, raised and sourced.

How can we help?

Together, we can create a more engaging retail environment.


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How can we help?

Together, we can create a more engaging retail environment.