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Whether your venue is outdoors, indoors or historic, attracting visitors is our expertise.

Benefits & Capabilities


  • Styled accommodations and culinary variety that reflect your destination’s location and culture

  • Design, build and capital project management capabilities for new development or renovation

  • Revenue management analytics and centralized sales and marketing support

  • Cleaning products, water reduction programs, and other solutions that help reduce your venue's footprint

  • Package pricing to deliver the best value for meeting planners and attendees

  • Facilities that uphold the standards set by the IACC

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Sustainable Operations

Sustainable Operations

Our corps of dedicated people work to preserve the environmental integrity of all our destinations.

Since our founding, our team has worked to deliver authentic experiences at all destinations across the country. We seek to enhance the guest experience by offering industry-leading hospitality, recreational opportunities and other programs—all built on a foundation of environmental sustainability. 

At the heart of our principles is Green Thread™, our environmental sustainability platform. Woven throughout our daily operations, it helps us minimize our overall environmental impact at the properties we manage, and protect the environments that 40 million people visit annually.

Through innovative programs and practices in our four focus areas—responsible purchasing, green building operations, waste management and efficient transportation—we are actively reducing our environmental footprint while still delivering the best results for each of our clients.

Responsible Purchasing

Across all our operations, we look to manage the supply chain and reduce our environmental impact. We partner with suppliers, customers and environmental experts to better identify alternatives, including sustainable coffee, environmentally preferable disposables, and safer cleaning chemicals.

By implementing new, innovative supply chain practices, we hope to increase our environmental purchasing efforts by 10% in our top ten spending areas of business. 

Waste Management

To minimize our environmental footprint, we are always looking to promote and practice waste reduction and recycling in all our operations, from composting to landfill diversion. 

We also understand that guests play an important part in reaching our environmental goals. That’s why we take any opportunity to implement engaging outreach and education programs for visitors.

Green Building Operations

Because we know buildings can consume vast amounts of resources and significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, we help design spaces and operate buildings that are environmentally friendly, energy efficient and healthy for those who use them. 

By installing updates like low-flow toilets or designing spaces with more natural lighting, we can significantly reduce the amount of energy our buildings waste while also reducing costs for our clients.  


As a large, global company, we rely heavily on fleet vehicles to efficiently deliver people, products and services. We also recognize our everyday fleet operations offer a significant opportunity to lower costs and decrease our environmental impact. At every turn, we are looking to educate our employees on environmental impacts, develop new ways to increase fleet efficiency and incorporate hybrid vehicles and new technologies into our fleet. 

By implementing effective practices like our route optimization and preventative maintenance programs, we are striving for a 5% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions by 2018.

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Historical Preservation and Renovation

Historical Preservation and Renovation

We have unique expertise in the maintenance and protection of historically significant sites.

There are many major destinations and cultural attractions that have historical or cultural significance and require a very specific type of care. Fortunately, our facilities services group has accumulated a great deal of experience maintaining and managing more than 80 historic structure and cultural landscapes across the country. 

Balancing innovative techniques and time-tested approaches, we help maintain the integrity of historical grounds and respect the heritage of each location we serve, all while creating a memorable visitor experience.

Our Sites

We have been honored to act as guardians of the following facilities that are either listed on the National Register of Historic Places or qualify for historic status:

  • Mesa Verde National Park
  • Lake Quinault Lodge in Olympic National Forest
  • Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve
  • Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
  • Lake Tahoe Basin National Forest

We collaborate with all our clients to create unique maintenance programs that won’t take away from each site’s natural and historical wonders.

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Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management

Sales, Marketing & Revenue Management

International Association of Conference Centers - IACC

International Association of Conference Centers - IACC

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