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We elevate student excitement with nutrition, menu excellence and great dining environments.


With over sixty years of school nutrition experience, we deliver an enjoyable, healthy dining environment for your students. We do all this within your district’s budget and operations needs by providing:

  • Nutritious and innovative menus that meet USDA regulations

  • A student-focused approach that drives increased satisfaction and participation

  • Fiscally responsible programs with a focus on operations excellence

  • Enhanced community and employee well-being


When you partner with us, your school’s dining program will support your district’s educational mission, satisfy your students and encourage community wellness. We bring innovation in:

  • Lunch and breakfast programs

  • Nutrition and wellness education

  • After-school and summer meals

  • Catering and adult dining

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An innovative approach to school dining that is both student-centric and fiscally responsible—discover how to increase student satisfaction and participation.

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Research and Insights

Research and Insights

We conduct extensive consumer research to ensure we deliver to you a student-focused program.

A Student–Focused Approach

Our in-depth, proprietary Student ViewPOINT™ survey system delivers critical feedback for continual innovation in our K-12 food and nutrition programs. With more than 50,000 responses gathered annually online and on-site from clients, students and parents, we stay in touch with student dining needs, attitudes and behaviors.

The results of these ViewPOINT™ surveys drive customized solutions that provide ongoing improvement and valuable impact for the districts we serve. The surveys help identify what items are popular, what students value and expect, and what changes are needed. From these insights we are able to create more than 250 new recipes every year.

By conducting surveys before we begin operations, and then again every 12 months, we can regularly refine and enhance your program to raise satisfaction. 

Getting to Know our Customers

Because we are committed to designing a school dining experience that not only meets nutritional requirements but also promotes satisfaction, we listen closely to you, your students and their parents.

By conducting surveys and hosting focus groups with principals, administration, faculty and students, we can better evaluate program performance, menu enhancements, nutritional concerns, promotions and location-specific needs.

Additionally, we lead nutrition and health advisory committees with students, parents, principals and administration members. These groups meet regularly with our food service director to discuss:

  • Program feedback on menu preferences, dining environments and wellness promotions
  • Nutritional concerns
  • New ideas and potential enhancements for current programs

Student Feedback

We know that valuable feedback and great ideas are obtained simply through interaction with your students on the serving line. The cafeteria manager and staff for each school engage with students on a daily basis to get input, respond to comments and follow up as needed. Our food service directors regularly visit school cafeterias and participate in classroom activities to discuss school meals and sound nutrition. Visits with principals are routinely scheduled to share valuable information and insights so that we can best adapt dining programs to each school’s specific needs.

To make sure our services meet your satisfaction we go straight to our customer—your students and district community.

Taste-Tested and Approved

We hold taste-testing and sampling events for students, faculty and parents to determine and introduce new menu items. This helps us understand what works best for your district, while providing a “first-hand experience” with your food service program to encourage parent and community support.

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Get answers to your questions about nutritious meals prepared specifically for your students

Locally sourced food

Locally sourced food

We create meals with local ingredients by cultivating partnerships with innovative companies.

We understand the centrality of food in our daily lives. We seek to foster new connections from farm to school to support menus that emphasize fresh and locally grown foods. Through these partnerships, we procure foods that are raised, grown and locally harvested in a sustainable manner whenever possible. We then prepare them in a way that respects and maintains quality, freshness and pureness.


Collaboration with industry-leading partners is one way we bring locally grown produce to district schools. For example, in certain districts we have a strong relationship with FarmLogix, winner of the 2013 Chicago Innovations Award, which uses its proprietary technology to connect local farms with schools, hotels, corporations and restaurants. The results are fresher, healthier foods for children and dining patrons, as well as increased economic potential for Midwest farmers.

Education and Outreach

Offering menus with locally grown food gives students an opportunity to appreciate the origin of the foods they eat and promotes a better understanding of the value of sound nutrition. Through our partnership with Farm Logix we share:

  • Farm profiles for each locally sourced product to increase student awareness
  • Access to local farm websites that feature information, photos, and video about available products
  • “Farmer In My Classroom” programs where local farmers talk to students about the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables

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Get answers to your questions about nutritious meals prepared specifically for your students

Nutrition-focused meals

Nutrition-focused meals

We create menus that reflect our focus on improving student and district health and well-being.

Diverse, Vibrant Menus

Delivering nutritious meals with a variety of exciting flavors and choices keeps students excited about their school dining programs. We offer a wider selection of menu options compared to our competitors by offering:

  • A variety of fruits and vegetables each day of the week
  • Increased entree choices, geared to student age level and district operational capabilities
  • Different menu options on each day of the monthly menu cycle, compared to the repetitive choices of many competitors' menus

Customized Meal Solutions

Our ability to customize programs that not only exceed your students’ and community’s expectations but also meet your district’s financial needs set us apart from our competition. Together we will design a program that’s the right fit for your district by:

  • Considering your labor, equipment and facilities requirements to determine efficient, effective menu and operational models
  • Drawing on extensive culinary and nutrition expertise, district and student feedback, and the latest research and newest trends to establish a superior food and nutrition program
  • Focusing on consistent menu and product quality, and nutritional integrity, to create menus that can be customized for local needs

Healthy Choices

Providing nutritious menus for your students is the foundation of their overall good health. We take this responsibility seriously by:

  • Creating recipes that focus on “right-size” portions and socially responsible food selections
  • Reducing added sugars by limiting the use of added sugars in cooking, featuring reduced-sugar cereals and serving only fruits in light syrup or natural juice
  • Proactively reducing sodium levels by using only frozen or fresh vegetables, eliminating salt in recipes and relying on salt-free seasonings to naturally enhance flavor
  • Reducing or eliminating fats in recipes
  • Incorporating the USDA vegetable sub-groups and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables every day at breakfast and lunch

Addressing Student Needs

We want to ensure every student has the opportunity to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal. We understand and accommodate the varying needs of your students by providing:

  • Gluten-free products and menus
  • Tree-nut and peanut-free products and menus that can be implemented in a single school, or district-wide
  • Pork-free products and menus available
  • Daily vegetarian/meatless (lacto-ovo) options 
  • We understand the varying needs of your students and accommodate these needs by providing modifications and substitutions in menu offerings

How can we help?

Get answers to your questions about nutritious meals prepared specifically for your students

Wellness education

Wellness education

Our Healthy for Life™ health and wellness platform can positively impact your district.

Healthy for Life™ Educational Resources

Providing nutritious meals is just one component of our approach to promoting student health and wellbeing. With our Healthy for Life™, platform we encourage students to make healthy decisions with student–targeted materials such as:

  • Brochures to give middle and high school students important information on health-related issues
  • Wellness Lesson of the Month Poster Series with eye-catching, age-relevant graphics to convey My Plate nutritional messaging 
  • Health Finder Nutrition Signage and Menu Icons to empower middle and high school students to make positive food choices
  • Healthy Bites Sampling Program which encourages students to try new foods in a fun way by conveniently enabling them to sample healthy menu items 
  • The ACE Nutrition Mascot program which shares the importance of eating healthy and staying fit with young students

Bringing Healthy Home

Healthy eating should also extend to the home. To encourage this we offer parents:

  • Parent Education Brochures with comprehensive information about our Healthy for Life™ program and Healthy for Life living
  • Fresh and Healthy Adult Quarterly Newsletter with relevant nutrition news, “fad-free” facts and helpful tips for parents
  • Nutrition News Fact Sheet featuring the latest insights and information about health and school nutrition
  • Ask the Dietitian FAQs providing useful consumer-friendly suggestions from our Health and Wellness experts 
  • Wellness Information Centers to conveniently display health and wellness in schools’ entry areas, principals’ offices, or at other high-traffic locations

Student Tools

Building healthy eating habits requires giving people the resources they need to succeed which is why we offer a number of learning tools for your district. Interactive opportunities to instill valuable lessons about good nutrition are available through:

  • Growing Up Healthy Educational Series, an elementary education program that complements teachers’ classroom curricula, encourages healthy habits and establishes a foundation of age-appropriate nutrition knowledge
  • Nutrition Webinars hosted by your food service director or Aramark dietitians for students, parents and community members
  • Cooking and Nutrition Demos conducted by our chefs for school or community events and serving as a fun way to engage students in healthy meal preparation
  • Social Media and technology to deliver relevant nutrition news, facts and insights through the web and social media sites
  • School Dish Website which features a nutrition calculator to help students and parents make informed dining decisions that support special dietary needs or lifestyle choices. This tool allows you to calculate nutrients for a single menu item, to “build a tray” with multiple items or to compare the nutrient content of menu items side-by-side

How can we help?

Get answers to your questions about nutritious meals prepared specifically for your students

Expertise in USDA regulations

Expertise in USDA regulations

We meet your district’s needs and school nutrition demands by staying ahead of regulatory changes.

School districts that participate in federally funded child nutrition programs must address multiple and often complex federal, state and local requirements. We bring your district unmatched resources and expertise to successfully navigate the complexities of this challenging environment.

Preparing for Regulatory Change

Because we work proactively to address nutrition-related regulatory changes, your district will always be well positioned to comply with current USDA requirements and future changes for the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs. Menus designed for your district will meet or exceed the requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, as well as state and local regulations. We continuously provide our operation teams with communications and training to manage a USDA-compliant and successful food service program. 

The Right Nutrition Strategy

We use the science-based frameworks outlined in the Dietary Guidelines for America and MyPlate in the development of our menus and student nutrition programs. And we are ready to help your district achieve the criteria of the HealthierUS School Challenge criteria if desired.

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Get answers to your questions about nutritious meals prepared specifically for your students


Get answers to your questions about nutritious meals prepared specifically for your students


Using MealSense™ to drive student participation makes sense

Robby Hooker, Executive Chef

Lewisville ISD, TX

Employee Spotlight

"Being a K-12 chef for me is not so much about the job, but more about our purpose. Every day, our team members prepare freshly-made meals with an emphasis on nourishing the lives of each student. We are committed to fueling the success of students, not only through food, but also through our exemplary service and nutritional education."

Sarah Viera, Executive Director of Business Services

Mequon-Thiensville School District, WI

Partner Focus

"No school district is exactly the same and each comes with unique opportunities. Aramark is committed to outside of the box thinking in order to help us meet the changing needs and expectations of our families. Every member of their team is committed to our students, and it is evident they truly care about the students that come through our cafeterias each day."

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Get answers to your questions about nutritious meals prepared specifically for your students