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Facilities that operate as safely as possible are more important than ever to students, parents, faculty and staff.


The pandemic has ushered in a new focus in campus operations. Protecting the health and well-being of the campus community is equally as important as enrollment growth and retention. Students, parents, faculty, staff, and even essential workers evaluate your institution through a new lens. Spaces must be not only cleaner, but also safer. Environmental systems must not only promote comfort, but also health. Space must be used in ways that allow social distancing. Safety, transparency, and integrity are the variables by which many institutions will be measured.

As a preferred partner, we bring the latest insights and innovations to the challenge of managing your campus and adapting to a new reality. Through an integrated approach, using some of the industry’s most advanced technology, our services protect your community, conserve resources, and mitigate risks. We provide the most up-to-date resources on reducing COVID-19 transmission within building facilities. Through continuous innovation and industry-leading partners, we bring advancements that help your campus to be safer, more efficient and more appealing to students.


Through Integrated Facilities Management we deliver extensive expertise and proven outcomes to a broad range of campus facilities services, including:

Custodial Services
approaches for providing services in areas with COVID-19 cases as well as continued cleaning for safer and healthier environments

Operations and Maintenance
protecting facilities with limited or reduced resources

Grounds and Landscaping
creating inviting areas and protecting campus brand

Building Ventilation
environmental systems that foster healthy environments

Energy Management Strategies
reducing waste and reallocating resources

Building Commissioning and Retro-commissioning
assuring systems work effectively and efficiently

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Recruiting and retaining more students may come down to the aesthetics, functionality and modernization of your campus. Transform your facilities with our expertise and innovative technology solutions.

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Safe Environments

Safe Environments

Providing safe, inviting, and environmentally friendly living and learning spaces.

The pandemic is changing the priorities of students, parents, faculty, staff, and campus administrators. The perception and reality of campus safety are paramount to a successful return to operations. As campuses redefine the role of their facilities and evaluate their approach to managing risk, Aramark can help. Our programs focus on creating safe environments and protecting the wellbeing of those that work, live, or learn within campus facilities. Here are several ways we assure your campus can respond to the pandemic and maintain a safe environment into the future.


Innovative solutions and deep operational expertise allow us to exceed industry standards, even in extraordinary circumstances. We are expanding our impact on public health by combining our industry-leading safety protocols with the medical knowledge of Jefferson Health. Together, we are solving problems more holistically to deliver business operation plans that are backed by clinical expertise. For your campus, this means access to the most current solutions and best practices to maintain a safe environment. Watch the video to learn more.

Deeper Cleaning with SpaceCare QL+

Our SpaceCare QL+ daily cleaning program incorporates updated procedures, staff training, and additional disinfectant products to address the cleaning challenges and expectations of today’s COVID-19 era. Enhancements to our program include:

  • disinfecting products with shorter dwell times (we use products with kill rates as low as one minute, including products with specific SARS-CoV-2 EPA claims)
  • increased cleaning frequency
  • upgraded quality control techniques, (our I-QC ProClean app and inspection process uses fluorescent marking to provide accountability that frequently touched surfaces have been cleaned)
  • additional hand washing and sanitization stations
  • relevant communication tools

Additionally, advancements in cleaning technology are occurring at a rapid rate. Through our channel partnerships, we are often the first to pilot, test, and deploy these products. We will bring the most advanced solutions to your campus. Read our whitepaper on the use of misters and foggers, Choosing Safe & Effective Disinfection in the Post-COVID-19 World.

AIWX Connect Technology

Increasing cleaning frequencies with existing resources can be a challenge. AIWX Connect allows campuses to direct resources to the most needed area based on actual occupancy use. We call this Demand-Driven Cleaning. IoT sensors provides real-time insight into space utilization, occupancy levels, and customer satisfaction. Using this data, limited staff resources can be redirected to those areas with greater traffic and where increased cleaning frequencies are needed. Additionally, occupancy levels that exceed campus social distancing guidelines can be immediately identified and rectified. The result is improved campus safety, faster service delivery, and improved user satisfaction. Watch the video to learn more.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

Guidelines for ventilation systems, such as those from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and American Society for Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), are encouraging environments that reduce virus transmission spread. Changes such as increasing outside air, upgrading ventilation filters, and even UV-C disinfection all create safer environments. However, not all solutions are feasible. Aramark evaluates each institution’s technical capabilities and develops tailored solutions based on financial and strategic goals.


Our custodial, maintenance, grounds and energy expertise help make schools the best they can be.


Tips, success stories and solutions to achieve your campus facilities goals.

Preserving Campus Assets

Preserving Campus Assets

Modern approaches to managing and protecting building assets.

Regardless of occupancy levels, the maintenance and operation of campus buildings continues. Building equipment and systems that are not regularly given attention risk becoming inoperable when needed, potentially creating a longer-term financial liability. Our team is ready to handle your most technical operational and maintenance tasks.

Asset Tiering

Aramark believes in identifying and addressing your needs before they arise. Through Asset Tiering, we establish a priority of need and service delivery for all equipment. Schedules and procedures are developed to assure your most critical systems receive the attention they need to keep your campus functioning at peak performance. Additionally, through predictive maintenance technology and data analytics, we can identify equipment and system failures before they occur. Tailored operational and financial strategies for your campus address maintenance backlogs and future deferrals.

Deferred Maintenance

Through self-identification of maintenance issues, we migrate facilities organizations from a reactive to a proactive operational mindset, saving precious resources and avoiding future expenses.

AIWX Connect Remote Monitoring Technology

Facilities professionals can’t be everywhere all the time. Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology, we can remotely monitor building spaces, equipment, environmental systems, space utilization, and even occupant satisfaction. Using real-time data, energy-consuming environmental systems can save money by operating based on actual demand. Additionally, maintenance staff are deployed based on actual system or equipment need. The result is a more efficient delivery of service and improved protection of systems. Watch the video to learn more.


Our custodial, maintenance, grounds and energy expertise help make schools the best they can be.


Tips, success stories and solutions to achieve your campus facilities goals.

Securing Financial Flexibility

Securing Financial Flexibility

Providing solutions that drive savings and access alternative revenue sources.

Expenses associated with the pandemic coupled with current and expected future drops in enrollment are challenging budgets across higher education. Institutions that can deliver services more efficiently, as well as access new sources of revenue, are poised to succeed. Aramark Integrated Facilities Management services include multiple tactics and strategies that to help institutions navigate this new financial landscape.

Energy Management

Energy is typically 20% to 30% of a facility’s operating budget on a college campus. No campus should pay for an additional unit of energy when it is not needed. Our approach to managing campus energy typically delivers savings ranging from 10% to 20%.We develop tailored programs that balance the unique operational, technical, environmental, and financial needs of your institution. Our energy managers, strategic planners, and financial analysts create integrated solutions to maximize savings and comfort. Using multiple strategies, we provide your campus with the right solution to reduce cost and reallocate savings.

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)

Our IFM services routinely deliver operational savings. Aramark delivers facility services more efficiently and effectively than most in-house operations. Through a commitment to continuous innovation, access to channel partners, experience across multiple industries, and a breadth and depth of technical engineering expertise, we deliver best practices that produce efficiencies, reallocate resources, and improve services.

Building Commissioning

Mechanical systems in newer buildings often do not actually “work” as intended. Those in existing buildings may have become compromised over time. The result are facilities that cost more to operate than originally intended. Through commissioning, irregularities in system performance are identified and corrected, resulting in improved efficiency and institutional savings. An industry leader since 1978, Aramark has commissioned more than 60 million square feet of space, with documented high ROI and payback of 1 – 3 years. Read The Case for Building Commissioning.

Demand-Driven Cleaning

The need for increased cleaning frequency without additional resources is a challenge for all higher education institutions. Yet, on any given day, there is space on campus that is infrequently used or not at all. Through the Aramark AIWX Connect platform, data sensors identify such space and allow thoughtful reallocation of resources to where most needed. Piloted in higher education, healthcare, and corporate space, AIWX Connect successfully allows institutions to deliver service based on demand and avoid the need for additional resources.

Infrastructure Asset Monetization

Through a variety of transactional structures, institutions can transfer substantial risk to a third party. In the process, they may secure a significant cash infusion, improve operating efficiency, fund capital improvements and reduce costs. For example, a campus’s energy infrastructure, such as its power generation and distribution systems, can be monetized to deliver a large influx of up-front capital through a long-term service arrangement with a qualified operator. Read the whitepaper, Asset Monetization and Higher Education: Securing Capital and Financial Security.

Scale Purchasing Power

Deep supply chains systems and purchasing leverage translate into savings and efficiencies. The pandemic laid bare challenges in supply chain continuity. Aramark’s scale allowed us to provide clients with many supplies and resources that were in short supply.

Performance Contracting

Capital-based solutions that not only generate future savings, but also reduce deferred maintenance backlogs.


Our custodial, maintenance, grounds and energy expertise help make schools the best they can be.


Tips, success stories and solutions to achieve your campus facilities goals.

Campus Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Campus Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Strategies to drive campus environmental stewardship.

Environmental stewardship remains a priority for higher education, its students, faculty, and staff. The challenges of the pandemic should not change an institution’s focus on campus sustainability. Our Integrated Facilities Management program can help institutions meet their campus sustainability goals.

Energy Management

Buildings are responsible for almost 40% of carbon dioxide emissions and represent the largest single contributor to a campus’s carbon footprint. Our technical Engineering and Asset Solutions group develops programs that not only reduce energy, but also identify solutions, such as alternative energy sources, that align with the unique sustainability goals of your institution.

Blue CleaningTM

Our award-winning Blue CleaningTM program eliminates the need for expensive products, harmful chemicals, and unnecessary packaging, by electrically activating tap water to clean and sanitize surfaces. The result is the most environmentally friendly approach to cleaning. Recent advancements in our program include electrically charged solutions that are proven to deactivate SARS-CoV-2 specifically. The result is a cleaning program that targets SARS-CoV-2, reduces expensive products, is gentle on people and the planet, and supports campus environmental stewardship.

Commissioning and Retro-Commissioning

Our unique understanding and expertise in engineering, systems design, construction, and facilities operations ensure that the owner’s interests are protected at every stage of the process. Our commissioning experts are involved from the initial design stage through turnover. We verify that your new or renovated building meets the design intent and operates as efficiently as possible.

We also work to prevent unnecessary capital costs associated with improperly designed mechanical equipment and provide comprehensive systems training of your maintenance and operations staff.

Capital Project Management 

Our project management team will verify that the planning, design, construction and turnover of a new or renovated building will remain on task, on time, and on budget. We have managed more than 630 projects, including new construction, as well as environmentally sensitive and time-challenged renovation projects. Our unique capabilities in planning, construction, engineering, systems design, turn-key design build and facility operations ensure unmatched results. 

Strategic Planning

We comprehensively evaluate all building systems (architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, etc.) to identify the extent of any known or potential deferred maintenance exposures. Our facility condition assessment will help you identify the extent of these exposures and provide you with a customized software tool to manage them. We also help you develop strategic solutions to reduce backlogs and assist in approval of funding.


Our custodial, maintenance, grounds and energy expertise help make schools the best they can be.


Tips, success stories and solutions to achieve your campus facilities goals.


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