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We take a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation, building the skills and positive environment to develop a more well-rounded individual and facility.

We believe all of our customers deserve a food service experience that is not only healthy and nutritious but uplifting and comforting. It is our belief everyone, from officers to offenders, should leave each facility better than upon first arriving. With this thought, we aim to create a more well-rounded and positive experience for all. Embedded in our service is a strong commitment to rehabilitating incarcerated individuals so they can transition back to their communities. From skill-building training, scholarships and job placement to programs that enhance family connections and community support, it is our goal prioritize people in order to meet their needs.



Providing offenders with the confidence and skills they can use when they re-enter the workforce.

Learning and working in a structured training program boosts offenders’ self-esteem and confidence while providing skills to re-enter the workforce. Focusing on education and completing job skills training while incarcerated is proven to help ex-offenders obtain gainful employment and reintegrate into society after their release. These programs have been shown to reduce recidivism.

IN2WORK® in Action

Creating a path for former offenders to successfully reintegrate into society is at the heart of why we developed IN2WORK®. The goal of IN2WORK® is to teach offenders the fundamentals of working in a food service, retail or warehousing environment, giving them skills, experience and a nationally recognized certificate that can be leveraged to re-enter the workforce.

The curriculum, taught by our team of dedicated trainers, is tailored to the needs of offenders, and includes classroom instruction and on-the-job training to deepen learning. The full program comprises three phases for either food service or retail warehouse training, enabling graduates to apply for an internship while still incarcerated, a scholarship to continue their education once released, and employment resources to assist in their job search. We can also work with you to customize IN2WORK® to suit the needs of your facility, and easily augment your existing re-entry and education programs.

Post Release Scholarship & Employment

We are proud to say that over 4,500 offenders have graduated from the IN2WORK® program, and we have awarded scholarships to 100% of applicants. Once released, IN2WORK® graduates can apply for a scholarship to continue their education and jump-start their career. Our partner, Scholarship America, evaluates and awards the scholarships, which are applicable to full-time or part-time undergraduate studies as well as trade schools.

The IN2WORK® employment portal also provides graduates of the IN2WORK® program with resources to help them secure employment once they are released.



We foster connections inside and outside the facility to elevate offender and officer support.

Studies show support from family, friends and the local community has a marked impact on offender outcomes once released. Our goal is to help maintain a connection through programming that engages offenders, their support system and officers beyond the facility walls.

Offender Support

Staying connected to family, friends and the outside community boosts offender morale and helps create a better atmosphere within your facility. Our iCare® e-commerce platform gives loved ones a powerful way to lend their support to offenders. Using our web-based platform, friends and family can choose from the industry’s largest selection of snacks, restaurant-quality meals, healthy alternatives, clothing, stationery and hot food from our FreshFavorites® program. Our Visitation program helps maintain a family connection with the opportunity for those visiting their loved ones to pre-order and pay for a meal through an easy-to-use website to share during visitation.

Community Support

We are committed to the facilities we serve in addition to the communities where they reside. Annually, our team members across the globe participate in Aramark Building Community Day. During this day of service, we volunteer time at hundreds of service projects from revitalizing outdoor areas to creating healthy meals and training for workforce readiness. We invest our expertise, financial and in-kind resources to strengthen communities through Aramark Building Community, to improve community health and wellness and help people succeed through education and employment.



A positive environment contributes to the overall health and wellness of offenders, officers, staff and in turn, the facility.

Programs that promote positivity are essential to the overall well-being of your facility. Each is designed to encourage healthy action from offenders, officers and staff to encourage an enriching environment and enhance the safety and security of the facility.

People First, Training the Front-Line

Our employees have a huge influence on creating a positive, safe and healthy environment. With that in mind, our onboarding and training is designed to connect our associates with our mission, values, focus, and the environment we are trying to create. It incorporates elements of our recognition program and engagement priorities, as well as technical training to ensure that each employee has the skills and training necessary to perform their roles safely and effectively. Through coaching and feedback, we continue to foster the growth of our associates to be respectful, highly engaged and meeting the levels of service excellence we expect.

We foster a culture where all team members are well supported in their ability to reduce safety risks, prevent incidents and injuries and are properly trained within the correctional setting. SHIELD® training is designed to teach associates the knowledge and skills to appropriately understand risks, manage offenders, and recognize if manipulation is occurring. All associates must complete the training before working with offenders and be recertified annually.

This industry-leading corrections-based training further keeps the safety of every individual top of mind.

Good Food, Positive Engagement

Food is more than a source of nourishment, it provides a sense of comfort and choice that is one of the most important elements to offenders. Our FreshFavorites™ program complements your existing food service, providing offenders with the opportunity to purchase a variety of meals from pizza and cheeseburgers to healthy items. To further enhance the retail experience, we offer a robust promotions calendar, driving excitement, variety and increased participation. Creating a retail experience within the facility promotes a positive environment, and builds offender morale and esteem.

How can we help?

Let us bring our facilities services to your correctional institution.


Let us bring our facilities services to your correctional institution.


We’re creating a path toward economic and social mobility through a three-year grant to the Urban League of Philadelphia. Through the Out4Good re-entry program, 80% of pilot participants were able to secure employment.

“A felony in your past is no reason to discount your future. At every step along our way, we need to strive to learn something new, each accomplishment is not the end of our road, merely a stepping stone along the way to becoming a more productive individual. Thank you again so much for all of your help.”

-IN2WORK® Graduate ‘16; Scholarship Recipient ‘17