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Our innovative food services are designed to promote satisfaction, morale and engagement.


Our experience serving correctional facilities gives us the competence and perspective to optimize operations and elevate the daily experience through food. We provide:

  • Expert culinary teams and registered dietitians that work together to ensure menus meet nutritional standards and are satisfying to offenders.

  • Brands you know! We leverage our enterprise buying power to purchase products offenders love at competitive pricing that increases all-around savings.

  • Flexible service delivery models based upon your facility’s needs for labor, hiring, training, purchasing and production.

  • Proprietary software to track and analyze the food production process to manage cost, reduce waste and plan for upcoming meals.

Key Elements

Food service is more than just what goes on the tray. Our food service solutions combine three key elements:

  • Menu Development: Our team of registered dietitians, chefs and culinary staff, balance art and science to create satisfying menus and procure products that are right for your facility.

  • Nutrition: By putting quality at the forefront, our menus are not only compliant, within budget and meet religious and/or medical diets, they promote health and overall satisfaction.

  • Variety: We’re dedicated to developing rotating menus and seasonal meals that align with your facility’s preferences to encourage a positive environment.


Experience a comprehensive dining experience beyond traditional food service.

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Tailored solutions deliver a cohesive and consistent food service experience for your facility.

No two correctional facilities are the same, and neither are their operational models. As a partner, understanding the nuances of your facility enable a multi-faceted and cohesive service offering that is customized to your needs.

Our service models are flexible to deliver operational excellence and an elevated experience when it comes to developing and producing meals and supporting the overall goals and success of your facility.



We’ve developed innovative ways to provide offenders nutritious, satisfying meals in a way that works for you.

A successful program delivers quality experiences to enhance the day of each person – including offenders. From promotional food programs to well-known branded products, we take care to ensure food is delivered in an appealing way that keeps offenders satisfied.

We’ve developed processes to design, prepare, and serve the best possible meals within the needs and expectations of your facility. Our unparalleled culinary expertise and quality assurances go into the wholesome meals designed by our culinary support teams and chefs, who work hand-in-hand with our team of registered dietitians. We have the largest team of dietitians in the country with 40+ years of combined experience in Correctional Nutrition & Diets.



We work to deliver appetizing and nutritious meals on-site, in a space for officers and staff to decompress and recharge.

Officers are the backbone of the facility, and supporting their health and wellbeing is crucial to maintaining a safe, secure and positive environment. Rooted in consumer insights, we’ve thoughtfully designed dining solutions for your officers, employees and staff with your facility’s operational, financial, and spatial needs in mind. The Local, our flexible suite of dining solutions, offering express, made-to-order and café options, provide the opportunity for officers and staff to take a break from the correctional facility environment in a space dedicated for them.

Each of our solutions is created to support the nutritional, physical and emotional health needs of staff.

  • Nutritional: Micromarkets feature a product selection based on research, fresh products and convenience with an integrated technology solution.
  • Physical: Morale and community building programs create a more positive and rejuvenating environment for staff.
  • Supportive: Events like National Correctional Officers Week, holiday celebrations, family days and community days offer continued support.

Featuring seasonal promotions, a wide variety of menu options, fresh products, and convenience, employee dining is an integrated solution that positively impacts security, recruitment, retention and staff morale.



We create innovative and supportive programs, positively affecting the lives of offenders, officers and staff.

From vocational training and internships to family connections and community support, we take a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. It is our belief everyone, from offenders to officers, should leave each facility better than upon first arriving.

With this thought, we aim to create a more well-rounded and positive experience for all. Read about our Rehabilitative Approach here.

“Through my IN2WORK® journey, I started as a kitchen worker and successfully completed the IN2WORK® program in 2013. This opened the door for a mentorship and a paid internship while I was at a work release camp. After release, I am now employed full-time working in the Aramark kitchen at a maximum security facility. After going through so much this program gave me a sense of purpose and the means to support myself. In-turn, I can now pay it forward by instructing the students in the program where I work.”

-IN2WORK® Graduate ’13; Aramark Employee ‘20




Experience a comprehensive dining experience beyond traditional food service.