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Treating offenders like consumers has a significant impact on behavior, morale and self-worth.


We can help you meet your commissary goals by cultivating a deeper understanding of your offenders’, facility and staff needs. Our commissary experience includes:

  • Commissary and iCare orders that are picked, packed and delivered out of your current or local facility.

  • All product managed solely by our robust supply chain team, from selection through delivery.

  • On-trend, name-brand products driven by research at an affordable price to encourage participation and satisfaction.

  • Real-time technology that tracks offender needs, trends, orders and delivery.

  • A dedicated staff to quickly address issues such as exchanges and missed picks.

  • Onsite IN2WORK® vocational training program that prepares offenders for employment.

Key Elements

Our commissary programs are developed using traditional retail principles that drive excitement and increase participation. We implement traditional retailing principles:

  • Product: Research shows that offenders prefer the brands they know and love. We’re buy brand name products in high volume at a cost savings, which we pass along to clients.

  • Price: Market pricing works for all stakeholders and ensures products are in-line with what offenders would expect in a local convenience store.

  • Promotion: Through a robust promotional calendar we can increase participation and provide variety for a change of pace for offenders.

  • Placement: Menus and promotional materials located are designed to be informative, compelling and build enthusiasm for offenders and their families.


Experience how our commissary solutions can transform your facility.

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On or offsite, we’re always nearby to ensure a smooth operation from order to fulfillment.

We understand commissary is more than just delivering products to offenders; it presents unique opportunities within the facility to meet your goals while improving morale and maintaining a sense of connection for offenders. We believe in being a responsive partner, addressing the needs of your facility, staff and offenders to provide a successful commissary experience for all.

As a result, we’re able to achieve significant growth for our clients, minimize administrative burden, deliver the right product mix for your facility, provide brands offenders know and trust and in turn promote a safe and secure environment.



Solutions developed through extensive research and a retail approach that treats offenders as consumers.

Brands You Know and Love

Our commissary program is developed with the end consumer in mind. Unlike other commissary providers, we primarily offer nationally recognized, top-selling brand name products. Research shows that offenders prefer brands they know and love. We can confidently provide items that drive excitement and provide increased variety based upon insights from surveys, purchasing trends and ongoing feedback. We will work with you to determine your inventory based upon your location, regional favorites, market pricing, health and wellness and the needs of your facility.

Promotions and Programming

Commissary programs are effective at boosting offender morale because they provide a change of pace, offer products they’re used to seeing in the outside community and create opportunities to connect with family, friends, and loved ones. Our programs include:

  • iCare™: an eCommerce platform that allows family members and friends to order a package of favorites online to send to their loved one on good behavior. Packages fit every budget and include favorite snacks, toiletries, and stationery.
  • Quarterly promotions and limited-time offers on new and seasonal products drive excitement and participation bringing variety to offenders’ days. This program helps to increase offender morale and self-worth, while promoting and enforcing positive behavior.


Streamline processes, promote engagement and increase satisfaction with innovative platforms.

Enables Participation

Technology enables insights, creates connection and integrates multiple touchpoints for a seamless experience/solution. With targeted product offerings, promotions, marketing, merchandising and timely issue resolution, our solutions aim to create an experience that drives participation.

We use our unique expertise to derive insights from purchase data, focus groups and surveys to optimize a product assortment that resonates with offenders. Knowing what offenders want keeps them engaged with your commissary service increasing participation.



We create innovative and supportive programs, positively affecting the lives of offenders, officers and staff.

From vocational training and internships to family connections and community support, we take a comprehensive approach to rehabilitation. It is our belief everyone, from offenders to officers, should leave each facility better than upon first arriving.

With this thought, we aim to create a more well-rounded and positive experience for all. Read about our Rehabilitative Approach here.

“The skills I have learned in the I2W program help me in my everyday work. I am appreciated for the work that I do, I am just not another person, I am part of a team.”

-IN2WORK® Graduate’14; IN2WORK® Intern‘19




Experience how our commissary solutions can transform your facility.