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Efficient, unique, memorable—we make the experience front and center at your center

We keep centers looking sharp and running smoothly with maintenance, cleaning, security and more.


Our facilities management experts will make sure your convention centers looks inviting, runs more efficiently and gives visitors the experience they’re looking for. We provide:

  • Insight-driven solutions that meet the demands of event planners and appeal to visitors.

  • Service excellence that creates experiences valued by all participants.

  • The service staff to make sure everything runs properly.


We keep your center clean and running smoothly, allowing visitors to spend more time on the floor and less time dealing with inconveniences. Our services include:

  • Custodial services

  • Operations and maintenance

  • Grounds and landscaping

  • Event services

  • Waste management

  • LEED consultation

  • Energy management

A Better Experience Through Better Facilities Services

Patrons might not notice exceptional facilities services, but they certainly know when they aren’t running properly. We enhance their experience by ensuring your center runs seamlessly. Clean facilities, pristine landscaping, reliable systems and quality service mean visitors will spend more time enjoying themselves. On top of that, our programs increase the quality of your center while reducing your annual maintenance costs.

Insight-Driven Improvement

We strive to understand your planner and guest behaviors so we can create experiences unique to your center. This means we customize every facilities services program to optimize your dollars. We work with any budget, big or small, and we track the performance of everything we implement to ensure we achieve the results you expect and deserve.

Service Excellence

Our facilities services range from traditional roles to forward-thinking support. This means your needs are covered and addressed long before a problem surfaces. This comprehensive approach allows your budgets and assets to be maximized.

The Right People

Our onsite leadership works to achieve your priorities so we’re always focused on customer service and making sure the experience at your convention center is one-of-a-kind. Delivering the best hospitality experience to you and your guests is always top of mind.

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Nearly One Billion Square Feet managed

We maintain nearly a billion square feet across multiple industries worldwide.

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How can we help?

Learn more about the transformation we can make with our facilities services.