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Aramark Introduces AIWX Connect To Enhance Workplace Safety And Improve Building Performance

PHILADELPHIA (November 12, 2020) – Aramark (NYSE: ARMK), a global leader in food, facilities management and uniforms, today announced the introduction of AIWX Connect, a new building and asset management solution designed for owners and operators, to help them deliver a safer and better performing workplace experience. 

Aramark Intelligent Workplace Experience, or AIWX Connect, is a technology platform that uses digital inputs from building systems, wireless sensors, and occupant feedback, to provide real-time data about building performance, occupant satisfaction, and space utilization. AIWX Connect solves for the variables of knowing when, where and, most importantly, how to allocate resources to the most needed areas, based on actual demand.

“COVID-19 has increased the need for building managers to better understand employee traffic patterns and how workspace is utilized, to ensure the office is properly maintained,” said John Hanner, President, Aramark’s Facilities Services division. “AIWX Connect combines the power of data with the knowledge of operations, to create safer environments and improved building performance.”

AIWX leverages real-time data with Aramark’s deep facilities expertise to identify actionable insights for improvement. These actions are integrated into an operating delivery model and planning programs, to significantly improve the user experience and building performance. 

AIWX Connect provides these key features:

Occupancy and Space Utilization – Room density sensors provide insights on room occupancy levels, utilization of space, and time-of-day intensity that informs longer-term operational and capital planning decisions.
Demand-Driven Cleaning – Wireless sensors identify areas of high and low cleaning demand based on occupancy and space utilization, allowing for intelligent reallocation of resources to deliver increased cleaning frequencies and in the most needed areas.  
Occupant Satisfaction and Improved Service Response – Touchless systems in restrooms capture occupant satisfaction and requests for service. Information is received in real-time, allowing for immediate corrective action. Digital inputs alert managers about immediate service needs, and trend data empowers predictive analytics.
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) – Air flow technology monitors environmental conditions, such as temperature and CO2 levels. Ventilation system performance data supports maintaining a safer indoor environment.
Energy Management – Environmental sensors allow energy heating and cooling systems to operate based on occupancy demand, rather than fixed schedules, helping reduce energy cost and consumption.
Refrigeration Monitoring – Temperature sensing protects both perishable and non-perishable consumer goods on shelves and in storage, with actionable alerts to improve food safety and cost avoidance.

Piloted in healthcare, education, and commercial environments, AIWX Connect informs operational actions that improve service delivery, enhances the user experience, improves workplace management and creates safer environments for occupants. 

Developed by Aramark, AIWX Connect uses one common software platform and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices to drive dynamic change, through actionable data. Additionally, AIWX Connect allows for expansion of service solutions to continuously increase efficiencies, effectiveness of operations, reduce costs, mitigate risk and improve safety. 

The digital platform behind AIWX Connect uses sensor technology that is built on a long range, low power wireless radio frequency network. Sensors monitor a variety of building performance information. Data is processed and actionable insights are presented through alerts, notifications and visualizations. The platform allows for remotely monitoring an endless array of building performance data.

Visit here to learn more about AIWX Connect.


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