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Sourcing Produce from Local Farms

Health & Wellness |  7.9.2018

A former nursing student turned farmer, Janna, understands the important role food plays in health and wellness. She now partners with us to provide fresh produce, allowing us to create delicious meals like crispy cauliflower wings and futomaki vegetable rolls.

At Arizona State University and campus locations across the country, students turn to us as their primary place of dining. We are focused on providing food options as well as nutrition education that empowers them to make healthy choices. Produce sourced from farmers like Janna help us best serve the students, keeping both their health and desire for great tasting food in mind.

This is just one way we’re committed to health and wellness. Aramark is proud to be working together with the American Heart Association in communities across the country to improve the health of Americans 20% by 2020.

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