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Munch Mail Delivers On Personal Connection

Insights & Innovation |  10.25.2021

The pandemic changed how we connect with people, especially those closest to us. Hybrid work means a manager can’t always swing by a teammate’s office for a high-five. College students may be restricted in how often they can travel home or welcome family visitors to campus. Or, you might not be as inclined to hop on a plane for an impromptu getaway with your best friend.

We may have grown accustomed to this new way of life, but nothing can erase the innate urge to say “Thank you,” “You rock,” or “I’m thinking about you.” When seeing someone face-to-face isn’t an option, we need fresh, creative ways to express care and gratitude.

Munch Mail, an Aramark brand offering available anywhere in the United States, was created with this mission in mind. The personalized gift box delivery service offers themed, on-trend refreshments to brighten anyone’s day.

Matt Smythe, Vice President of Operations for Lifeworks Restaurant Group, is one of the drivers of the concept on a nationwide scale – and he was at the helm when Munch Mail was piloted in 2020. “The Munch Mail program was conceptualized in response to the changing world,” Smythe says. “We wanted people to be able to celebrate together, even when they were apart.”

"The Munch Mail program was conceptualized in response to the changing world. We wanted people to be able to celebrate together, even when they were apart."
- Matt Smythe, Vice President of Operations for Lifeworks Restaurant Group

Munch Mail is much more than your standard care package. Each curated collection of hand-picked, gourmet gifts helps people celebrate one another. Driven by our commitment to hospitality – and determination to create positivity and serve communities throughout the pandemic – Munch Mail went from idea to fruition in less than six months, as our teams worked to close the connectivity gap many felt was exacerbated by an increasingly isolated world.

It launched with a large financial firm that wanted an innovative way to provide perks to its at-home workforce during COVID-19. The gift boxes proved to be just the thing to engage and excite their staff during unconventional times. Positive feedback in hand, we went on to scale Munch Mail for our Business Dining program, coupled with direct-to-consumer purchasing options, so it is available to anyone in the United States!

A Personalized Care Package

Perhaps you’re a business leader looking to create connective touchpoints with your colleagues, a parent or grandparent wanting to support students away at school, or a friend searching for a way to surprise your out-of-town friends when meeting in person isn’t possible. Thoughtful gift-giving is a universal mood-booster and a personalized way to reach that special person – or even up to 10,000 special people.

The “Movie Night” Munch Mail gift box is curated for film fans.

While it’s hard to replicate the experience of seeing someone in-person, sending a Munch Mail gift box does help close that gap. It’s a thoughtful and safe gesture to show someone you’re thinking of them and to bring them some normalcy,” says Ryan Collings, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Aramark.

Each gift box is brimming with popular snacks, drinks, condiments, and more. The online catalog currently includes options like “Fuel Up,” a collection of energy-boosting snacks to help you get through a busy day; “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere,” with perfect pairings for happy hour; and “Movie Night,” complete with treats like popcorn and candy. Some boxes even include related accessories, such as an “Angel in Scrubs” mug for hardworking nurses and grilling tools in the Grand Slam BBQ box. For a personal touch, each Munch Mail box comes with a unique message written by the sender.

The online ordering process is simple and streamlined, and team orders can be initiated with a quick form or phone call. Munch Mail offers custom options so you can tailor team orders to your recipients’ tastes and the packaging to your company brand.

Connective and Convenient

Collings finds such outreach to be even more important as businesses go – and stay – remote. Without the traditional office model, it’s harder to establish and maintain a healthy company culture. “The hectic, busy times working from home can threaten to eclipse the supportive, open environment an office would otherwise provide,” he notes. “Our partners, our clients, and their customers are looking for ways to strike a better balance, and Munch Mail can help forge those connections.”

Sending someone special all the ingredients they need for a connective, fun snacking experience is a great way to show you care.

Even though Munch Mail is personalized, receiving a box can be a collective experience. Smythe and his team enjoy participating in virtual “unboxing” events, when receivers unpack and share their Munch Mail goodies with the rest of the group.

“Virtual interactions have become commonplace over the last year. But just because the environment has changed doesn’t mean the depth of our relationships should,” Smythe says. “It’s so important to make our families, friends, and coworkers feel engaged and heard – and it only takes a matter of minutes.”


Continued Care

Creating and maintaining connections has perhaps never been more important. But one thing remains true: food brings people together, even when they’re far apart.

We’re proud that Munch Mail is helping our clients and customers show appreciation for one another. Whether it’s a birthday, an employee appreciation day, or just Tuesday, simple gestures go a long way.