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Engineering Conservation and Innovation

Environment |  4.22.2021
Whether you manage a workplace, educational institution, hospital, or sports arena, ensuring safe workplaces and reducing environmental impact are central elements of operations.

As states and communities continue to reopen, these spaces will be aligning with guidelines to accommodate more frequent patronage and larger groups of visitors. With that comes increases in sanitization efforts, social distancing infrastructure, enhanced ventilation, disposable products and personal protective equipment (PPE). The result: most facilities will see changes in building operations that will impact building owners, staff, and visitors alike.

These changes create challenges for both a business’ bottom line and for their environmental impact – but the solutions are interconnected.

Our engineers, energy experts, and cleaning teams help our clients manage their facilities and operations efficiently while delivering on their sustainability goals – all while creating a safer environment for employees and customers.

A Holistic Approach to Safety and Sustainability

To help clients solve these interdependent challenges, Aramark’s Engineering and Asset Solutions team has been leading the charge in developing and deploying safer methodologies and technologies that minimize our clients’ environmental impact: from developing operational strategies for lighting and HVAC systems to the building equipment and technology used to power a facility.

“We're able to assess systems and give our clients a holistic look at enhancements that can improve efficiencies, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and reduce costs in the coming years,” notes Brian Lott, Aramark’s National Director of Energy.

Lott believes that many companies will see their overall energy operating costs rise as facilities reopen and increase capacity as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Reduced occupancy in buildings means that a lot of businesses have seen a 10 to 15% drop in their energy consumption,” says Lott. “As spaces reopen, operating costs will increase. We can help clients minimize cost increases by making their facilities more efficient than they were pre-pandemic.”

In large facilities, energy use often drives up utility bills. But by upgrading existing systems with more efficient technology, cost savings can be abundant.
According to Lott, savings can often be found while preserving existing infrastructure. Rather than recommending a complete replacement of heating and cooling systems, his team identifies key measures that, once implemented, will drive significant improvements in energy efficiency, saving money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“With operating and capital budgets already stretched thin, savings are often required to offset the cost of installing a brand-new system,” Lott said. “First, we see if it’s possible to make simple upgrades to improve efficiency.”

By identifying and implementing sustainable practices and technologies  some as simple as replacing fluorescent bulbs with LEDs and tuning Building Automation Systems  our clients decrease energy waste and utility bills.

Creating Value with Cleanliness

Cleanliness has taken center stage as students, employees and customers return.

Craig Arnold, Aramark’s Director for the Center of Excellence, knows just how imperative cleaning and sanitization methods are to the upkeep of facilities. His team assesses every aspect of our cleaning protocols so that they deliver on safety requirements and reduce costs with minimal impact on the environment.

Our careful approach to implementing new cleaning methods brings clients and Aramark employees together.

“We ensure our approach is understood among our managers and associates and continually reinforce the appropriate processes to clean,” Arnold said. “That way, we deliver the cleaning systems in the way they were designed to maximize their impact. We also collaborate with our clients to ensure they understand exactly how we're cleaning and maintaining their spaces.”

From cleaning practices to engineering environmentally friendly products, our team is confident they can maximize value, without compromising quality or effectiveness.

We’re dedicated to ensuring a safe environment for our clients, their employees, and their customers. Our cleaning and sanitization solutions are efficient, effective, and consider environmental impact.
Craig and his team recently partnered with a life-sciences company to create a new, environmentally responsible vinyl floor protector. The new vinyl cleaning and polishing agent can be cleaned with disinfectant regularly and doesn’t require a typical acrylic floor finish, which is stripped and removed every three to five years.

Now our clients can eliminate that reoccurring expense while improving cleanliness and minimizing the amount of plastic generated from acrylic floor finishes.

Cost Savings that Save the Planet

Ross Whittier, Aramark’s National Director of Sales, sees the financial benefits of sustainable operations as a win-win: appealing to clients, and protecting the environment.

“Aramark is unique from an energy and engineering standpoint,” Whittier says. “We don't have a product to sell. We help our clients improve the efficiency and efficacy of facility management – whether that’s a new application or a technical solution that can complement their current system. That’s how we add value.”

Safer, more sustainable practices can be enormously profitable. In partnership with Baylor University, the team implemented an energy savings program that resulted in $10.5 million in cost savings generated from 2014-2019, and $4 million in procurement savings per year.

We’re dedicated to helping our clients in higher education implement environmentally sustainable practices. At Baylor University, we established an energy savings plan that simultaneously brought the school significant savings.

Our team has been working with the New York State’s Office of Mental Health since 1991, and through the decades has become familiar with the organizations’ mission, needs and building designs and systems. Now, our team is positioned to proactively make recommendations and reevaluate operational services, project development, technology assessments, and energy planning. To date, the partnership has resulted in $500 million in energy cost savings.

Our decades-long partnership with New York’s Office of Mental Health Energy Efficiencies Program has created several streams of savings and cost avoidance.
In total, we’ve managed more than $10 billion in capital projects, created more than 150 energy programs, commissioned more than 900 building performance projects, and completed more than 175 facilities condition assessments.

These results represent real savings for our clients and a positive impact on the environment. These energy accomplishments earned recognition from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which awarded our partner, Samsung, the ENERGY STAR Corporate Commitment Award for 2021 for its “cumulative and superior achievements in energy efficiency.” Samsung was the first company to be recognized with the award in nine years, so it represents a truly rare achievement, which we were honored to play a part in. In addition, our clients Lewisville Independent School District in Texas and East Baton Rouge Parish School System in Louisiana were both awarded the 2021 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for their cost saving methods, advanced energy efficiencies and commitment to environmental protection.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to helping clients adapt to evolving business landscapes. This commitment led us to be included in International Data Group’s (IDG) CIO 2021 list of FutureEdge 50 Award winners. The award recognized our AIWX Connect program, which brings a new level of business intelligence and insights to facilities owners. We feel proud to be recognized for the innovative technologies we help create and deploy for our clients.

Investing in The Future For All Our Communities

From energy-saving competitions in campus dorms to sustainability education, our teams are committed to expanding growth and progress. People and planet remain at the core of all we do – which is why safer, more sustainable practices ground our business practices.