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Consumers Are Hungry for Health and Wellness Inspiration

Health & Wellness |  1.7.2022

A coffee run, a lunch break, an afternoon pick-me-up: Each of these everyday dining experiences is a chance to engage our guests in healthy food discovery. Our menu innovations are only the beginning—we want to inspire habits that will serve people well for life.

But consumers aren’t just thinking about their health when they’re hungry. This is the vision behind Feed Your Potential 365 (FYP365), our multifaceted consumer health engagement campaign. While guests might first encounter FYP365 in one of our cafés, its impact goes well beyond the four walls of the dining environment.

“Wellbeing is on consumers’ minds throughout their lives,” states Dan Wainfan, Vice President of Health, Wellness and Nutrition. “We wanted to meet them where they are—which, increasingly, is on digital and social media.”

With FYP365, we’re serving up free nutrition information, lifestyle tips, and healthy recipes to help guide our consumers on their health and wellness journeys.

Where Expertise Meets Inspiration

We launched FYP365 in April 2017 as part of our Healthy For Life initiative with the American Heart Association to help consumers, communities and our own employees lead healthier lives. Our chefs and registered dietitians have so much expertise to share, as do the experts at the American Heart Association and other esteemed organizations. FYP365 delivers that expertise to hundreds of thousands through the FYP365 website, e-mail and social media—complementing our community education efforts and the FYP365 programs reaching millions at our client locations. 


We serve up healthy, delicious recipes on all our consumer-facing digital channels.

Accessibility is a hallmark of the campaign, whether we are explaining the health benefits of whole grains or helping readers sharpen their knife skills. “What makes FYP365 different is that it’s never just about providing information, it’s about providing inspiration,” says Kelley Magowan, Senior Specialist, Health & Wellness. “We want to be approachable and practical—never overly technical.”

Indeed, FYP365 readers love learning simple recipe ideas from our chefs. They turn to our dietitians to make sense of complex nutrition information, such as how to understand portions and serving sizes. And with today’s ever-hectic lifestyles, FYP365 followers have demonstrated high interest in pieces about practicing gratitude and getting better sleep.

Here’s a look at what’s been popular recently on, how these timely topics fit into larger health and wellness trends, and how they ladder up to our larger initiatives.

9 Foods for Better Heart Health

Heart-Healthy Menu Inspiration

Why It Matters: Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. You’re never too old or too young to adopt heart-healthy habits, such as eating more fruits and vegetables and limiting your intake of saturated fat and sodium.

What We’re Doing: Working with the American Heart Association, we have reduced the calories, saturated fat, and sodium on our menus by an average of 20%. Our recipes also have 12% less red meat than they did when we started the Healthy for Life initiative in 2015. These menu innovations make it even easier for our guests across workplaces, hospital cafes, and university dining halls to eat well. With FYP365, they can learn to incorporate nutritious, heart-healthy ingredients like leafy greens, fish, and beans into their own meal planning.

Got Goals? Tips for Staying Motivated

Finding Motivation in Trying Times

Why It Matters: The stress of the pandemic has made it harder for people to stay motivated, in any aspect of their lives—not to mention making us more sedentary. Consumers are looking for ways to keep going when the going gets tough.

What We’re Doing: We are deeply committed to a creating a culture of health and wellbeing for our employees, guests, clients, and communities. Our suite of industry-leading health and wellness solutions, including FYP365, is designed to encourage overall well-being in practical ways—again, with a tone of empowerment.

Take Your Comfort Foods Plant-Forward

The Plant-Forward Movement Gains Momentum

Why It Matters: In recent years, Americans have become more curious about the health and environmental benefits of plant-forward eating. According to our research, 60% of consumers want to reduce their meat consumption.

What We’re Doing: Our chefs have infused our menus with creative, plant-forward recipes like falafel burgers and cauliflower tabbouleh snack cups. Today 34% of our main dishes are either vegetarian or vegan, and we offer plant-based burgers, sausages, chicken and more from popular meat alternatives such as Beyond Meat, MorningStar Farms, Incogmeato and Gardein. These menu shifts are better for people’s health and the planet—and with FYP365 we’re helping our guests achieve the same goals at home.

Empowering Healthy Lifestyles

For all of us, a healthy lifestyle comes down to daily choices around food, exercise, stress management, and more. With FYP365, we have built a relevant, reliable resource to help busy consumers make sense of it all—and thrive.

“With FYP365, it’s like you have a personal connection to health and wellness experts, professional chefs, and registered dietitians who are there for you anytime, anywhere,” says Wainfan.

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