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Taking on Food Waste One Detail at a Time

Environment |  12.18.2018

Carolyn Gahn was living in New York City when she realized she didn’t know where any of her food was coming from. A full lifestyle change later, she now lives on a farm with her family in Kentucky and is our Sustainability Manager at the University of Kentucky. She puts her passion to good use by helping UK build practices that reduce food waste and benefit the area through local partnerships. Her farming background not only helps her understand the logistics of bringing in local produce and protein from the farmer’s perspective, but also fuels her passion for creating a connection between the students and their community.

UK’s local options, in addition to their efforts to reduce food waste, position them as a sustainability leader among higher education dining. Their work has helped us move the needle on our commitment to reduce our food waste by 50% by 2030. Read their full sustainability story here.

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