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Insights |  10.30.2018

A Lesson in Innovation with Drexel Food Lab Students

In our collaboration with Drexel University Food Lab, Center for Food and Hospitality Management, students created vegan and vegetarian recipes for our menus. We gained a fresh perspective straight from our target audience, while they learned how to innovate at scale.
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Health & Wellness |  7.9.2018

Sourcing Produce from Local Farms

At our campus dining locations, many of the students turn to us as their main source of food. Fresh produce from local farms is helping us meet our goals and offer students a variety of healthy options.
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Health & Wellness |  7.9.2018

Going Plant-Forward in Our Kitchens

Many of our locations have turned to the plant-forward movement—incorporating more vegetables and other plant-based ingredients into innovative, tasty meals.
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Farm workers


See how we work with farmers to increase fruits, vegetables and whole grains on our menus.

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