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Learn more about eligibility for NPO Fundraising.

Group must be a non-profit, tax-exempt group, as defined in Section 501 of the Internal Revenue Code.  If the group provides food, shelter, clothing or other necessities of life to its members, recipients of such necessities may not volunteer.     

Application Process

Group submits the following documents:

  • Letter of Intent to volunteer
  • IRS Determination Letter: 501 ( c ) or state certificate verifying non-profit status
  • W-9 Requesting Taxpayer EIN Certification

Letter of Intent to Volunteer

Written on organization's letterhead that includes:

  • Full name of organization.
  • Purpose and nature of organization.
  • Physical and mailing address of organization.
  • Contact information - name(s), phone(s), and email addresses.
  • Size of group and number of adults interested in fundraising.
  • Fundraising goals & activities to be paid for by money earned.

IRS Determination Letter

Groups must verify their current 501(c) tax-exempt status by providing a copy of their IRS determination letter. Groups that are not required to register with the IRS may instead provide a state certification verifying non-profit status.

W-9 Requesting Taxpayer EIN Certification

Group completes and submits the W-9 which allows Aramark to verify the group's Federal Employer Identification Number.

Age Requirements

All volunteers must be over 18 years of age or older, unless expressly permitted by state law and agreed to by Aramark. In some instances, Aramark may require individuals who serve or handle alcohol to be over 18. All individuals must carry valid photo identification with their birthdate while at the venue.

Background Check Requirements

To protect the safety and security of Aramark, our clients, and the guests at our client facilities, individual volunteers must be background checked. Specific details are provided by Aramark during the eligibility process.

Please note there is no cost to be incurred by your organization or any of your volunteers at this time regarding this process.


Our sports and entertainment venues have different busy schedules, providing numerous fundraising opportunities and opportunities to contribute to an exceptional fan experience. To participate in our fundraising program, groups must commit to a certain number of events. Please note that these events can be on evenings, weeks, and holidays.


Nonprofit organizations are paid by commission – a percentage of net sales from the stand that they are operating. For more information about payment or any further details, please contact us at the venue your group is most interested in. See our full list of venues on the “Get Involved” tab.


Other Requirements

No one may sell or serve alcoholic beverages unless they hold a current, active and valid certification from an approved training program from TEAM, TIPS or state mandated programs. Site-specific additional training requirements and regulations will also apply.