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Aramark is Doing its Part to Drive Climate-Healthy Menus and Reduce Emissions

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The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) continues to pursue an activist campaign against food service companies including Aramark demanding that we set public goals to decrease purchases of animal products in order to reduce carbon emissions.

We agree that reducing carbon emissions is important, and we are on a clear pathway to continually decrease our emissions through a comprehensive strategy. In fact, amid one of the most challenging years in Aramark’s history, we completed a greenhouse gas inventory, identified specific actions to drive reduction of carbon emissions and continue to work toward improving our public reporting.

Right now, we are reducing emissions across all our operations—from the food we serve to vehicles we drive—including offering plant-forward menu options, decreasing food waste and reducing fuel consumption. To coordinate and advance these efforts, we announced Be Well. Do Well., Aramark’s plan to make a positive impact on people and planet. This plan outlines Aramark’s vision for the future to enable the wellbeing of millions of people and to reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

We believe that Aramark has made substantial progress including:

  • 34 percent of main dishes on our menus are vegan or vegetarian, an increase of 4% over last year.
  • More than 300 new plant-based recipes created—like falafel burgers, roasted pepper and mozzarella ciabatta and cauliflower tabbouleh snack cups—have been featured in our locations.
  • Since we began our Healthy for Life collaboration with the American Heart Association in 2015, we have increased fruits, vegetables and whole grains by 19% on our menus while also reducing red meat including beef, pork and lamb by 12%.
  • Aramark’s Harvest Table Culinary Group worked closely with local suppliers to source grass-fed ground beef in a new burger recipe that features 70 percent grass-fed beef and 30 percent mushrooms, reducing emissions and delighting customers.
  • Our innovative move to more plant-forward menus is better for people’s health—and good for the planet. Our plant-forward menu options reduce greenhouse gas emissions, minimize demand for water and land resources and preserve natural habitats.

Building upon Aramark's climate-healthy menu offerings, Aramark supports client partners interested in publicly committing to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions through menu offerings and foods purchased at their respective location(s) by joining the World Resources Institute's (WRI) Cool Food Pledge.

We remain committed to providing menu options consistent with a range of consumer preferences, including climate-healthy menu choices. This is an important balance that we would encourage NRDC to acknowledge.

We are also proud of our recent progress to address climate in our supply chain including:

  • We announced a commitment to implement a No-Deforestation Policy by 2025, addressing the conversion of tropical forests for agricultural products such as palm oil, soy, beef and paper (timber), a leading cause of deforestation.
  • In 2020, we completed our transition to deforestation-free oils—100% of our specified soy oils are sourced from regions with no-deforestation risk, 99% of our margarines and shortenings use responsibly sourced palm oil and we confirmed 60% of our beef purchases are coming from regions with no deforestation risk.

Additionally, during 2020, we completed a greenhouse gas inventory covering emissions within our control and influence. We identified opportunities to improve emissions tracking, planned and potential emissions reduction activities and practices to improve reporting and disclosure.

In fact, building upon several years of CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) reporting to clients upon request, Aramark’s CDP Climate and Forestry responses are now publicly available. Aramark’s 2020 CDP score (B) shows improvement from the previous year (C) - on par with or outperforming industry and North American averages. Now we’re building upon this work by implementing reduction initiatives, expanding our inventory, and improving our public reporting.

Learn more about Aramark’s progress including efforts to minimize food waste, reduce vehicle emissions and other important practices here.

We prefer to have a constructive engagement with NRDC, as we do share interests in reducing emissions.

As NRDC works to convince you of our inaction, we hope that you will consider all that we have accomplished to date. Aramark will keep doing its part now and into the future.


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