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Serving our communities, associates, client partners and customers as we navigate through a time of crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is having a lasting impact on all of us, disrupting the way many of us live our daily lives and conduct business. Our team members working on the front lines are providing nourishing meals, protective uniforms and ensuring clean facilities.



We have been actively supporting pandemic efforts in a variety of ways:

  • Taking extra measures to protect employees and client partners, including deep cleaning facilities and ensuring workers have the equipment and training they need to stay healthy and safe
  • Converting some of our uniforms manufacturing plans to produce millions of respirator and medical masks, scrubs and isolation gowns for hospitals and other critical roles
  • Creating new offerings such as pop-up grocery stores for hospital staff to grab necessities on their way home
  • Joining forces with the Leon and Debra Black Family to launch NYC Healthcare Heroes with the Mayor’s Fund, Robin Hood and the American Red Cross to support the heroic efforts of healthcare workers providing up to 500,000 packages of shelf stable food and supplies
  • Ensuring students are nourished while schools are closed, serving over 30 million meals across hundreds of K-12 schools



In order to ensure workplace safety and maintain a safe environment to serve our clients and customers, we are doing the following:

  • Taking proactive steps to review and refresh general safety procedures with associates
  • Being extra vigilant and intensifying preventative measures, such as implementing enhanced sanitation and hygiene practices across all of our operations
  • Working closely with our partners to assess and modify customer-facing services in order to provide a safe and comfortable environment
  • Continuing to follow and apply our long-established food safety processes and protocols within our operations
  • Monitoring the situation within our businesses through our dedicated Aramark Response Committee and keeping our field teams up to date on required actions



We have partnered with Jefferson Health to develop and implement EverSafe™. This platform, which will support the safe reopening and sustainable management of client locations around the world, reflects our deep operational expertise and leverages the full force of our enterprise offering. EverSafe™ is designed to empower employees, students, patients, customers, and guests to feel more confident and safe, wherever they work, learn, play, explore, recover, and rehabilitate.

EverSafe™ has been developed in accordance with recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and other leading health organizations, and heavily leverages research around society’s expectations, needs, and requirements for transitioning back to the workplace, educational institutions, hospitals, and sports arenas in today’s environment. EverSafe™ adheres to four key tenets:

  • An environment that supports the safety, happiness, and overall health of employees, customers, and guests with visible safety precautions and assurances
  • Repeatable and consistent processes to deliver relevant solutions, continuous improvement, and meaningful outcomes
  • A human-centric approach in understanding employees’ and guests’ needs, and delivering experiences that matter
  • A collaborative nature that embraces ongoing learning and progress while seeking complementary partnerships





Learn more about how we are ensuring safety and well-being while responding to the changing needs of our clients.


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