Building Vibrant, Successful Communities

Thanks to our global volunteer and philanthropic program, we can make a meaningful difference. 

In underserved communities, health disparities, unemployment and underemployment continue to grow and contribute to critical social problems. Through Aramark Building Community, our global volunteer program, we address these important needs by building partnerships with local community centers and engaging the skills and expertise of our employee volunteers.

In partnership with the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and their network of more than 450 social service organizations around the country we build strong, local relationships with community centers that create meaningful volunteer opportunities for our employees.

Our employees “adopt” community centers building strong, sustainable relationships to meet the ongoing needs of the neighborhood:

  • Our chefs and dietitians teach the relationship between diet and wellness, extending our Healthy For Life™ commitment to support families.
  • Our human resources professionals link adults and teens with information and hands-on training to prepare them to find and keep good jobs. 
  • We partner with community centers to create safe, efficient, inspiring environments.   

Our experts lead cooking demonstrations and nutrition workshops. Our many human resources professionals share their knowledge of today’s critical workforce skills – helping people create their resumes or discussing careers in the food service industry. We also donate basic necessities like food and clothing for families in need, and improve community centers to make them more inspiring places for families to gather.

And on Aramark Building Community Day (ABC Day), we celebrate and highlight this year-round effort during our global day of service. Thousands of employees come together in cities around the world demonstrating our commitment to enrich and nourish lives. On this one day alone, more than 9,000 employees volunteered in nearly 450 projects around the world.


Creating opportunities for success

Creating opportunities for success

Guiding youth and adults to a better future

As a global employer of 270,000, we know that today’s workforce needs a variety of skills to be successful. Partnering with local community centers, we link both adults and teens to information and training to help them obtain the skills and education needed to secure successful employment.

Our employee volunteers teach people to create strong resumes, prepare for interviews, even how to “dress for success.”  We invest in and connect young people to careers in the hospitality industry, inviting them to visit Aramark client locations and hear from our professionals.

We collaborate with partners in our local communities, like our longtime partner in Houston, Neighborhood Centers Inc., which is renowned for its work to transform communities by empowering families.  

To encourage young people to start thinking about career possibilities that can lead to lifelong success, the center’s Young Leaders program exposes dozens of young people to career possibilities in healthcare, sports, education and other industries. Students have a chance to observe the job skills of Aramark employees, and explore careers in the hospitality, service and business fields. 

“The programs provided by Aramark were great…I learned about a side of the food industry that I had no clue existed. I never realized how many careers there were in the food business,” Jacob Tallez, Young Leaders Program

We also invest in programs like Philadelphia Academies Inc. (PAI), a nonprofit youth development organization. We provided a three-year, $300,000 grant to help create a hospitality industry talent pipeline so students can learn aspects of culinary operations, front-of-house management, purchasing, and more. They’ll be exposed to a multitude of opportunities, industry skills, and potential employers by way of classroom speakers, site visits, job shadowing, and internships. 

Nourishing Neighborhoods

Nourishing Neighborhoods

Our commitment to healthy communities

We’re committed to helping people lead healthier lives and we’ve set a bold goal of improving the health of all Americans 20 percent by 2020. Through a groundbreaking initiative with the American Heart Association we’re empowering people to make healthy food, nutrition and lifestyle choices.

As part of this initiative -- Healthy For Life 20 By 20® -- we’ve been working with local community centers to help families in underserved communities change their relationships with food and nutrition. With the knowledge, science and expertise of the American Heart Association, combined with the experience of our dietitians and chefs, Our Healthy for Life community education programs encourage children and adults to make healthy food choices part of their everyday lives to improve their overall health and well-being.

Ultimately, we’re equipping people with new skills, knowledge and confidence, with a goal of changing relationships with food for better nutrition. 

With science-based education programs like “Healthy Eating Patterns,” “Healthy Meal Solutions,” and “The Savvy Shopper,” we focus on wellbeing, cooking skills, smart shopping and community  gardening, helping people and families to:

  • Learn to prepare healthy foods and meals 
  • Experience great tasting healthy food 
  • Budget and shop for healthy foods and ingredients 
  • Gain an increased level of comfort and the approachability of healthy ingredients 
  • Acquire new skills using easy to find foods and ingredients

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See how thousands of our employees volunteer around the world, working to improve the health of families.

Anthony O’Bryant

General Manager, Uniforms

Employee Spotlight

"When I was a kid, my family occasionally had to rely on emergency food programs. I understand how much it means to those we help. It feels good to be able to give back to my community."


Every day, our many efforts support our employees, clients and the world around us.


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