Enriching and Nourishing Lives Is Our Mission and Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is fundamental to everything we do and guides our everyday actions.

Here at Aramark, providing exceptional service to our customers and clients is just the start. Our mission is to enrich and nourish lives, so when we interact with millions of people and communities across the globe, we strive to ensure we’re serving them with integrity, respect and in the most responsible way possible.

Every day, we work to develop innovative product and service solutions that put our social responsibility goals into action. We focus our energies on initiatives that support our diverse workforce, protect our environment, advance consumer health and wellness and strengthen our communities.

Our approach to Corporate Responsibility:

  • Lead by example, and increase transparency and dialogue within our industry
  • Continuously improve our operations and create consistent, replicable programs
  • Identify innovative, responsible and cost-effective solutions to the issues we believe matter most to our employees, customers and communities
  • Offer clients and customers a wide range of eco-friendly and responsibly sourced product options
  • Empower our clients to achieve their corporate responsibility goals by sharing our insights and experience

Employee Advocacy

We have a big team here at Aramark. Our dreamers and doers are a talented group of 270,000+, spread out across 22 different countries. They provide dedicated service to millions of our customers, and their expertise and tenacity is what drives our business. We know that when employees feel good about their work and their company, they’ll bring their best. That makes treating our employees fairly, honestly and respectfully even more important to us.

Our diverse team includes a huge variety of employees:

  • Full-time, part-time and seasonal personnel
  • Union and non-union employees
  • Tens of thousands of culinary and food service professionals, including more than 750 registered dietitians
  • Thousands of facilities management experts
  • Hundreds of professionals with advanced degrees and technical training, including technicians that maintain clinical equipment, like MRIs and CT scanners

Our goal is for each employee to feel as passionately about our company as we do about them. We want them to trust that we’ll work hard to enrich and nourish their lives. Therefore, we make sure to provide competitive wages and benefits, a safe, open work environment and lots of development opportunities, so that they’ll stay and continue to grow their careers with us.


We take a balanced approach to our benefits program to address your career and personal needs.


We include people and partners of diverse backgrounds, cultures, beliefs and orientations.


We’re committed to safety in the food we serve, the places where we work, and in our daily operations.


We encourage our employees to develop and learn the skills needed to enjoy a successful career.

Community Involvement

At Aramark, we live our mission to enrich and nourish lives in our communities around the world. Our goal is to inspire families to lead healthier lifestyles and to empower youth and adults to succeed at work through education and skills development.

We serve billions of meals, and hire thousands of people each year, so we our employees have the unique expertise, knowledge and passion to address these important community needs.

We invest financial resources, dedicate the skills of our employees, and develop community partnerships to make a meaningful difference.

Through our global volunteer and philanthropic program, Aramark Building Community, we partner on the local level with community centers and we also develop strategic national and local partnerships to make the greatest possible impact: 
Our breakthrough initiative with the American Heart Association, the nation’s largest voluntary organization dedicated to fighting heart disease and stroke, is helping families in underserved communities change their relationships with food and nutrition. Through our partnership, we’re encouraging children and adults to make healthy food choices part of their everyday lives. 

And, we contribute $15 million annually to nonprofit organizations through the Aramark Charitable Fund, corporate contributions, and through our businesses. 


Our global volunteer and philanthropic program enriches and nourishes lives on the local level.


Our employees use their expertise and passion for service to meet critical community needs.


Our philanthropic efforts support our mission, and align with our unique skills as a company.


Thousands of our employees demonstrate our commitment to enrich and nourish lives in communities around the world.

Environmental Sustainability


We’re a global company that touches millions of people’s lives every day, and it’s important to minimize environmental impacts in our operations and in our communities.  

Through Green Thread, our environmental sustainability platform, we weave environmental sustainability into everything we do, making progress every day on our commitment to responsible sourcing, waste minimization, efficient operations, and transportation management. 

Our approach is two-fold: we constantly seek to improve our own practices, and we also offer our expertise to find practical solutions for thousands of our clients worldwide. But we don’t stop there. We measure the impact of our work and hold ourselves accountable to always do better. 


We purchase products that are local, seasonal and responsibly raised and grown.


Reducing, recycling, reusing and composting are just the beginning of our waste minimization efforts.


From saving water and energy to reducing our impact with environmentally friendly cleaning, our day-to-day actions conserve natural resources.


Our transportation programs are designed to reduce fuel usage and emissions.

Health and Wellness

Each year, we serve more than two billion meals to customers around the world, accommodating many differences in tastes and diet. We prepare and serve food to kindergartners and college students, doctors and hospital patients, and even workers living on off-shore oil rigs. In fact, more than two-thirds of the adults we surveyed told us they’re careful about what they eat, and that they want to know how to make better lifestyle choices.

Healthy For Life™ is our comprehensive health and wellness program. It features healthy food plus nutrition and wellness programs that work together to support healthy lifestyles and is based on research into global trends, as well as the knowledge of our chefs, dietitians and other experts.

We’ve introduced Healthy For Life™ to over 1,000 accounts in the U.S. alone, enriching and nourishing the lives of millions of people around the world and making it easier for them to lead healthier lives every day.


Our special features and consumer promotions highlight healthy foods and encourage healthy eating.


Our chefs and dietitians create food that’s fresh, delicious, satisfying—and good for you.


Creating personal experiences that change the way people think about nutrition and their health.


With insights and advice from our experts, our customers can make good choices about what they eat.