We make it our job to help you start your career

Through internships and on-the-job training, students can start their career off on the right foot.

Every year, we search for the best and brightest students from across the country to join our team of talented professionals. Here, they get the resources, knowledge and training necessary to jump-start their promising professional careers.

Whether they’re newly graduated or continuing their education, we provide students unique internship and professional opportunities that expose them to real-life business experiences, a wide-array of industries and a diverse work environment. That way, as they enter the working world, they’ll do so with valuable experience to look back on.

Accelerate to Leadership

Accelerate to Leadership

Our accelerated leadership program provides recent graduates with resources and hands-on training.

At Aramark we are looking for the most promising students to join our Accelerate to Leadership (A2L) Program. 

A2L is designed to provide recent college graduates with the resources they need to reach their full potential and prepare for an accelerated career path to a leadership role within our organization. With two program start dates annually, the A2L program offers flexibility and commitment to your professional development.

During the program, participants receive career guidance, real hands-on training and people management experiences. By managing the day-to-day operations of a client account or one of our many business units, grads develop real business and leadership know-how. We give them the opportunity to network with peers and grow both personally and professionally, all while exposing them to diverse cultures in our A2L market centers across the country.

2016 A2L Program Application

Step up to Leadership

Step up to Leadership

College undergraduates can start their careers with our 10-week paid internship program.

Our Step Up to Leadership (S2L) program is a paid, 10-12 week learning experience for college sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Participating students receive exposure in hands-on, meaningful work and management responsibility that provides them with valuable insights and experiences. The S2L program gives students access to resources and mentors available that help improve resumes and provide a valuable step into their promising career. 

In addition to receiving great leadership training, successful interns are prepared for our full-time Accelerate to Leadership program upon graduation.

Students looking to participate in this program should have at least one summer available to work full-time before graduating. 

2016 S2L Internship Application

Dietetic Internship

Dietetic Internship

Our dietetic interns have access to resources, opportunities and a large network of fellow dietitians.

Students looking to earn their Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) credentials or find rotation sites and preceptors might be interested in our unique Distance Learning Dietetic Internship program.

This 35-week, corporate-sponsored program provides interns with professional, quality job experience in Healthcare, Education (K-12), Correctional Services, and Higher Education, upon graduation. As one of the largest employers of dietitians in the world, interns will automatically have a built-in professional network as they begin their career.

We partner with our Healthcare accounts across the nation to provide our interns with the resources and experiences they need to become familiar with our company and help them jumpstart their career. The clinical, management and community rotations are already set-up for our interns upon entry into the program, so interns do not have to find their own rotation sites and preceptors.

Immediate management training in the Accelerate to Leadership program is also available to our graduates.

Emerging Trends in Dietetics

As part of our innovative internship program, interns concentrate on emerging trends in Dietetics. This concentration area encourages innovation, enhances critical thinking skills and develops leadership skills in our interns. These emerging trends are incorporated into their rotation projects and curriculums to develop important skills and allow interns to address trends that may affect their future practice.

Learn More about Program Details

Videos and associated slides decks are available to learn more about the program details, ranging from admission requirements to rotations to completion requirements.

Location/Site Selection Sheet

Virtual Open House Session


Virtual Interview


Applicants are asked to provide a video interview as part of their application. The video interviews should be recorded using the EyeJot website available at eyejot.com. The video length should be 5 minutes or less. Five  video interview questions should be answered. Once the video has been recorded, the completed video should be sent to the applicant’s personal email address. Upon receipt of the email, open the email and copy the video website address. The website address to access the video should then be inserted into the personal statement.

If applicants are having technical difficulty with EyeJot, please record a video (using your computer webcam, or your phone video, etc.) and upload the recording to YouTube. If using YouTube, make sure to make the video private. A link to the video (as well as a password, if needed to access the private video) should be included on the personal statement. As an alternative, Google Drive can be used to store the video and then place the sharing link on the personal statement.