ARAMARK Building CommunityThe mission of ARAMARK Building Community is to enrich the lives of families in need by supporting local community centers to help people of all generations learn, earn and thrive. ARAMARK recognizes the important role community centers play in addressing the comprehensive needs of individuals and families and is providing a range of resources, including grants, volunteers and in-kind contributions.

ARAMARK is linking its unique skills to help youth and adults build critical, employable work skills and connect them to career opportunities; support families with nutrition and wellness awareness and education; provide basic needs such as food and clothing; and help our partners run cleaner, safer and more efficient facilities.

“The ARAMARK work day transformed a worn out, little used area of the playground into an oasis of opportunity…”

Why Community Centers?

In November 2008, ARAMARK and Families International, Inc. commissioned an independent survey to gain a greater understanding of the public’s awareness of and attitudes towards community centers.  Our research shows that 95% of Americans believe that Community Centers are as (or more) important than ever to help those in need, and that more than 90% agree that the services that community centers provide are among the most critical in meeting societal needs in their communities. The survey found that community centers’ largest areas of need are ARAMARK’s greatest strengths - expertise within Health and Wellness; Workforce Readiness; and Basic Services and facilities management.

We enable community centers to realize their core mission. We dedicate our skills in professional services – hospitality, food, facilities and uniforms – to help meet the goals and priorities of neighborhood institutions assisting families in need. In cities nationwide, hundreds of ARAMARK employees will volunteer to help make physical improvements to community centers to enrich the lives of families and children.

“We overcame torrential downpours to transform a community center…I can’t say enough about the dedicated leadership of the Star Team and the desire and passion of our volunteers."

Strong local partnerships between ARAMARK local businesses and neighborhood community centers are the backbone of this initiative. With their deep experience, expert staffs, and centralized located facilities, community centers play a vital role addressing the comprehensive needs of individuals and families. ARAMARK enables community centers to realize their core mission – enrich lives!

It is our hope that on any given day, at local community centers across the country, one might find ARAMARK nutritionists teaching cooking classes for community center members and educating them on ways to live a healthier lifestyle; our stadium facilities managers refurbishing a weed-covered, inner-city ball field; our environmental experts advising on energy savings; our uniform services managers executing a clothing drive; or our human resources teams discussing college opportunities with at-risk students.

Did You Know?

We have provided service at 16 Olympic Games since 1968, including the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.