ARAMARK Saves Indiana Department of Corrections $11.5 M in Tax Dollars

May 2005: Through a new program to manage food service operations at 30 correctional facilities statewide with ARAMARK Correctional Services (ACS), the Indiana Department of Correction will save an estimated $11.5 million a year. Department of Correction and the Department of Administration partnered to aggressively review the Request For Proposal (RFP) to promote cost-effectiveness, efficiency and to ensure opportunities for Indiana-based, minority and women-owned businesses.

“Operational excellence, cost-effective solutions and innovative opportunities for offenders are three elements I look for in defining the success of this business,” said J. David Donahue, Commissioner of the Department.

The Department of Correction remains committed to an employee-focused process. At the time of the announcement, all food service employees who wished to remain employed with the Department were offered opportunities. If employees choose to remain in the food service field, they will be given priority for employment with ARAMARK.

“We are pleased to be able to expand our services in Indiana," said Tim Campbell, President, ARAMARK Correctional Services. "With over 30 years experience in the correctional services industry and currently serving over 450 clients, we believe we are uniquely able to meet our customer expectations while providing both a safe, secure environment for our employees and customers and value for the taxpayers of the State of Indiana.”

The “Inmate to Workmate” Program endorsed by ACS aligns nicely with the Department’s existing re-entry initiatives. It is designed to train inmates in the food service business and prepare them for future employment in the food service industry.

Did You Know?

ARAMARK has ranked as a Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles for five consecutive years.