Clinical Technology Solutions

ARAMARK offers Clinical Technology Solutions competencies that are unparalleled in the industry. ARAMARK is the country’s largest independent provider of clinical equipment maintenance services, serving more than 500 healthcare organizations nationwide. We address the full spectrum of the clinical technology process, from acquisition and Life Cycle management and clinical equipment maintenance management to clinical asset tracking.

At ARAMARK, the impact of our Healthcare Technologies solutions is felt throughout the healthcare continuum. We can impact patient, nurse, physician and employee satisfaction, operational efficiency and service excellence while significantly improving financial outcomes. ARAMARK believes that our Clinical Technology Services are at the core of quality care.

Our Clinical Technology Services include:

  • Clinical Equipment Maintenance Management – Expert management of maintenance and utilization of equipment
  • Acquisition and Life Cycle Management – Strategic planning, procurement, financial management, and distribution and disposition of assets
  • Clinical Asset Tracking – Efficient tracking of clinical equipment through wireless or other technology