It's a fact that in certain work environments, an errant speck of dust, dirt, microscopic particle or microbial matter can negatively impact the final product. Industries such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and microelectronics are just a few that require cleanroom precision when it comes to uniforms and facility services.

ARAMARK offers a complete line of state-of-the-art static dissipative garments, barrier apparel, sterile garments, and cleanroom application accessories designed and manufactured to exacting specifications. ARAMARK offers the convenience of both reusable and disposable garment programs from a single source, and all of our cleanroom uniform processing facilities are ISO certified.

ARAMARK ensures your cleanroom environment with micro-contamination control. This includes management and training of custodial staff assigned to cleaning ISO Class 3 through Class 8 cleanrooms, including sterile pharmaceutical cleanrooms before, during and after production runs. This ARAMARK operation is also ISO certified.

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