Clients and Partners

At ARAMARK we understand how teamwork and strategic alliances increase our ability to better serve our employees, clients, customers, and the community. As part of our diversity strategy, we are continuously building strong partnerships with organizations that serve the diverse needs and interests of our key constituencies and we believe that supporting these organizations firmly demonstrates our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

We also believe that these diversity partnerships should be win-win relationships – supporting the goals of each organization along with ARAMARK’s business goals. These partnerships provide ARAMARK with various opportunities to support our business and diversity goals through Talent Acquisition and Development, Employee Engagement and Networking, New Business Development, Branding and Communication, Benchmarking and Research, and the Pipeline Creation of Diverse Suppliers.

We are proud to support these organizations in a variety of ways from sponsorship to thought leadership through our involvement on their boards/committees to encouraging our employees and clients to participate in their events.

At ARAMARK we are proud to be affiliated with the following organizations:

Did You Know?

We have more than 270,000 employees worldwide.