Talent and Culture

As we look for talent to join ARAMARK's 'One Best Team', we are continuously developing a pool of diverse candidates at all levels. In 2008, more than 54 percent of our executive-level new hires were women or people of color.  This increases ARAMARK’s ability to reflect our Diversity Vision, and our consumers. This also competitively positions ARAMARK as a company where the best people want to work.

The recruitment process within ARAMARK is driven by a dedicated team of Talent Acquisition professionals who deploy innovative sourcing channels to identify and attract candidates who should consider ARAMARK as a viable career destination. We also grow our diverse network of community organizations and business partners who can help connect us to potential candidates.

Just as important, we value and promote a culture of inclusion that welcomes employees from different backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values and beliefs and ensures that they feel highly valued.  A valued employee feels good about where they work and is more likely to encourage others to consider ARAMARK as an employment destination.  The ARAMARK Employee Referral Program is a highly valuable channel for identifying new talent, as employee referrals tend to be aligned with our cultural DNA and more likely to invest in longer-term employment commitments with the company.

ARAMARK also leverages our Regional Staffing Centers to attract and hire new talent.  Located in 10 major cities across the country, the Regional Staffing Centers partner closely with local community organizations to identify job candidates who can support ARAMARK’s recruiting needs.  This resource develops a pipeline of diverse talent, while investing in the communities where ARAMARK does business.

Visit  ARAMARK Careers  for more information about career opportunities. 

Did You Know?

ARAMARK is North America's largest employer of dietitians with more than 500 registered dietitians on staff.