Our Business Purpose

Our mission is to Deliver Experiences that Enrich and Nourish Lives. From our food and facilities businesses to our uniform and medical technology maintenance businesses, we deliver experiences that enrich and nourish lives every day. As a company, we have five focus areas: our consumers, our clients, our employees, our shareholders and the communities in which we work and live.         

Our vision is to Focus on Growth for our consumers and clients with a combination of innovation and service to accelerate growth.   

Our disciplined execution delivers results through the expansion of our Repeatable Business Model which will provide benefits for our consumers, our clients, our company and our shareholders.    

As One Aramark, we pursue excellence across Selling, Service, Execution, Operations and Marketing through a High-Performing Organization with front line capacity, the right capabilities and a culture of recognition and engagement.           

We will achieve our goals by being our clients’ and consumers’ Most Valued Partner while becoming the Most Efficient Operator empowered by the Most Engaged People.          

Did You Know?

ARAMARK customizes and embroiders more than 100,000 uniforms each day.