ARAMARK On...Swine Influenza

ARAMARK is dedicated to the health and safety of our employees, clients and customers.  As a valued partner with our clients, and as a solid corporate citizen in the communities in which we live and work, we are prepared to respond appropriately when and if a crisis, such as swine influenza (or swine flu) does occur.

ARAMARK’s crisis management plans are living documents updated and modified on a regular basis by a core team of the company’s senior leadership.  These plans are in place to assist our corporate personnel and our front-line managers in responding in the event of a critical incident. 

Because our operations are primarily housed in client locations, our first priority in the event of a critical incident is for our onsite teams to adhere to the client organization’s disaster recovery plans.  This prevents conflicting direction and assures that ARAMARK teams are acting in harmony with our client organizations’ policies and procedures.

Swine flu is not a food borne illness.  Influenza viruses are always present with about 4% of the population sick at any given time.  Preventing the spread of a pandemic flu is similar to preventing the spread of any flu that is transmitted through the respiratory method.  Proper hand washing and strict personal hygiene guidelines are the best methods of prevention. 

Did You Know?

ARAMARK processes 345 million garments per year.