ARAMARK On... Cage-Free Eggs

In recent years, consumers have become more interested in the origins of the food that they purchase. Cage-free eggs – eggs that are produced by hens that are allowed to roam, rather than being housed in cages – have increased in popularity out of a concern for the welfare of farm animals.

ARAMARK’s Position: 

ARAMARK understands and respects the goal of encouraging the use of cage-free eggs. For quite some time, ARAMARK has offered cage-free eggs to any client that wants them, and in fact, has helped many of its clients make the switch to cage-free eggs at their locations.

Consistent with our other policies regarding the food we serve, we also respect our clients’ prerogative to make the decision for themselves whether to adopt cage-free eggs. We find this works best for our clients and customers, providing them with options that help them meet their needs and preferences, as well as their budget considerations.

There are several industry-wide challenges to providing cage-free eggs to consumers, and the availability of these eggs must be balanced against other important consumer concerns – including food safety and quality control, as well as cost to consumers.

In spite of the challenges, in circumstances where there is a preference among our consumer groups, ARAMARK works with local providers to ensure that we offer cage-free eggs that meet our top-rate safety and quality standards.

Did You Know?

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